Week 3 of IPC @ The County: 9.20.19

Last week we got the announcement for Week 3 of the Iron Pax Challenge and it was the first, (and now we know only) timed AMRAP workout. For some of you, an AMRAP workout may be familiar, and the most that I have done in the past relatively short in time and may max out around 25-30 min. This week’s workout was 43 minutes, which is insane. That’s a long sustained workout for any athlete, especially when you add weighted movements.

We opted to go to the County this week since pull-ups were involved and they have a great set up. Seems like everyone did the workout there just for the simple fact that it was so convenient to host a good number of guys at one time.

I arrived a little early, and Grizzly was already there getting ready and helping me bring some coupons to the playground. Several other guys rolled in and just before 5:30 we circled up for discussion of the movements and clarified any questions.

PAX: Captain Insane-O, Trump, Pork Chop, Scuba Steve, Fergie, Grizzly, Deuce, McAfee (QIC)

Here was the workout:

All of these studs performed well and many were above the national average. Such a privilege to get to work hard alongside these men.

Next week is the last and final week, looking forward to finishing strong!

-McAfee out

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