2019 Fall Convergence – Back Blast 10.26.19

Since April 21, 2017 we have had several Convergence Workouts to honor the F3 Louisville Region and create an atmosphere that brings together men, community, leadership and service all in one place. As 1st F Q I have been honored to help lead the last three workouts, each of which has had it’s ups and downs, but ultimately successful. For those who remember the latest one at the O last spring, it was a weather NIGHTMARE, but we had a blast and all made it out alive. Prior to that, we were at the Parklands and had a monstrous turnout (2 shy of 100 if I am not mistaken) and we had a glorious feast at the end. Each of these workouts provide something special and each group of men who come alongside us to help lead it have been nothing short of extraordinary. This year was no exception to that!

As Nino and I were preparing for this workout, we had a difficult task of selecting a strong group of guys to help lead the workout. There are so many strong leaders and Qs among our group (which I know I take for granted all the time, but am quickly reminded when I post downrange), that it makes it difficult to choose just four. We like to bring representation from several AOs across the region to keep diversity strong. This year’s group pitched in a lot of time, attention, and even swagger (those skeleton suits were awesome) to make this event happen and for that I applaud their efforts and thank them immensely for their dedication to leading the group well.

Weather: We knew going into the week that the weather was going to be rough, but we were going to have to roll with it anyways. As we got closer to the date, weather remains perilous and we just had to prepare further for the rain and cold. That morning the temperatures were in the 40s and the rain was light but steady, but that did change during the ladder part of the workout when the rain started coming down sideways and created quite a scene for the HIMS in attendance.

Gearlander: Amazon Skeleton suit, 32 degree baselayers (top and bottom), Darn Tough socks, MACV-1s and Nike Dri-Fit hat.


Qs: Crock Pot, Sadie, Nice and Slow, Digiorno, Nino, McAfee

PAX: Diablo, Pope, Buzzsaw, Abacus, Mr. Kotter, Snowman, Brown Water, Rocky, Meatball, Fanny Pack (R), Snowday, Minnow, Whitney (R), Sump Pump, Le Pew, Handbook, Carlton, Husky, Viking, Iceman (R), Captain Crunchberry, Alexa, Cochran, OJ, Thumbtack, Banana Bread, Porkchop, Old Bay, Retainer, Dauber, Big Bird, Bulletin (R), Wildflower, Cookie, Butcher, Violet, Vincent (R), Starbanks, Back Flop, PK, Gilligan, Mama’s Boy, Stick Up, Drysdale, Aerobie (R), Double Down (R), Tony Malito, Domino, Wham!, BUSCHHH, Deep Dish, Tinderfoot (CP), Dunphy, Catfish, Airplane, Meter Maid


The 6 Qs ran from behind the monument in full skeleton gear (except YHC, because I apparently dropped my masked as I was leaving the house that morning). We ran past the large number of PAX and instructed them to follow us across the grass to the church parking lot.

Here we circled up and I welcomed everyone to the 2019 Fall Convergence. I gave a strong disclaimer and welcomed everyone and then passed the baton off to the next Q, Nino.

Nino then introduced each Q and they would then follow by leading the group through one of our warm up exercises.

Crock Pot: 15 SSH IC

Sadie: 15 Imperial Walkers IC

Digiorno: 15 Merkins Single Count

Nice and Slow: 15 Mountain Climbers IC

After COP was finished, we introduced Whitney to help us remember the day and begin the workout with a strong rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Once we finished the National Anthem, we had the group number off into 4s and then find the group corresponding to their number. After splitting into groups of fours, then followed their respective Qs to their workout location.

Here was the schedule for the stations:

0714 – ALL Stations begin WO

0724 – Time is called on first round of Stations & PAX head to next Station

0726 – ALL Stations begin WO

0736 – Time is called on first round of Stations & PAX head to next Station

0738 – ALL Stations begin WO

0748 – Time is called on first round of Stations & PAX head to next Station

0750 – ALL Stations begin WO

0800 – Time is called on first round of Stations & PAX head to monument loop to circle up for CoT.


Here were the four station workouts:

Station 1: Crock Pot

Workout: Coupon work on the basketball court. Using the four corners of the court, people will do amrap laps, stopping at each of the four stations to lift.
Corner one: deadlift
Corner two: overhead press
Corner three: squat
Corner four: planked pull through (plank position, dragging coupon underneath your chest from left to right

Station 2: Sadie

Count of PAX into 4 groups.

4 stations interval WO. Complete station as a group move to next.

Round 1 (All single count)
25 Plank Jacks
25 Merkins
25 Jump Lunges
25 Flutter Kicks

Round 2 (All single count)
25 MTN Climbers
25 Carolina Dry Docks
25 Box Jumps
25 Gas Pumps

Station 3: Digiorno

Cones are placed around the circle at 3, 6, 9 and 12 (picture a clock).
Pax partner up and line up on start line.
Start with 5 burpees, then travel to the next cone in the method on the sheet. When you get to the other cone, do 5 burpees and travel to the next cone by the next method on the sheet. Keep going until audible swearing is heard, or until time runs out.

Methods of travel include:
Broad Jump
Crab Walk
Bernie Sanders
AYG (Sprint)
Bear Crawl
Side Shuffle

Station 4: Nice and Slow

WO – Pair up
Partner #1 – Run down hill and do 2 burpee long jump shuffles, run back up midway until steeper incline and do a bear crawl to the summit…increase burpees by 2 each time down

Partner #2 – Exercise – Dips, Jump-ups / Step Ups, Decline Merkins


At exactly 0800 we concluded the workouts and all met at the monument for COR, NOR, announcements, and intentions. At this point the rain was coming down, so we quickly went around for Name-o-Rama. Afterwards we had some quick announcements and then I concluded with a quick message to the Sky Q thanking him for this amazing group of men and what it has meant for all of us, as well as our community.

We did a quickly group photo and then all congregated under the pavilion for some 2nd F and breakfast.

F3 Louisville has meant so much to me over the past two and half years and I am looking forward to what will happen in the years to come. A special thanks to all who made this Convergence happen and looking forward to the next one.

-McAfee out!

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