Back Blast Norton Commons BO 10/12/18 Zima-Q; Opposites Attract

I had the day off work yesterday and decided that we needed something fresh for the weinke today and i have never really looked at the Exicon much.  So after an hour or so of sorting 700+ options (it’s a really good resource) I had what I thought was a pretty solid workout.  Now, being that it’s Friday and the temps are dropping I was afraid all of this research might go to waste so I stated in the BB that we needed 25 Pax to make it work.  That was around 9am yesterday and I forgot to check Slack the rest of the day.   Being the HIM’s they are, @f3grinder and @mlega (Nugget) heeded my rally cry and put out the call to the Pax.  I didn’t really need 25, but it was awesome to see last night that so many Pax heard the call and came running.  I don’t know if that trick will work again, but we mustered 16 pax at Norton Commons in the 40 F gloom and it was glorious.

Pax: Big Bird, Airplane, Amelia, Alexa, Double Down (R), Huggies, Noxema Jackson, Swifty, Valdez, Old Bay, Tin Cup, Nino, Forced Close (R), Meter Maid, Soccer Mom and Zima (Q).

Winds were light, but it was cold and we needed to warm up after standing around for a few minutes so before we moseyed anywhere or circled up for COP, we commenced with a Slaughter Start (20 BOYOS) on the spot.  Now, let’s get moving.

Mosey up the street to the top of the circle and circle up for COP.

I tried to incorporate as many new routines or exercises as possible so hopefully the Pax took some ideas away.


All Jacked Up 50 SSH 40 Seal Jacks (SSH with arms in front), 30 Plank Jacks, 20 Cross Squat Jacks (SSH with squat and touch opposite foot when you go down), 15 Smurf Jacks (SSH from Bernie Sanders position with prisoner arms), 15 Fairy Jacks (SSH where feet touch ground in the middle like a start jump)

Moroccan Night Clubs (IC) x 50 – these are way different when you increase the reps to 50 or more

Monkey Humpers (IC) (grab ankles and squat, basically only lowering your rear end) x 20

Gorilla Humpers (IC) (same as Monkey Humpers with feet spread wide) x 20

Abe Vegodas (IC) x 20 – thrown in on the fly so YHC could remember what came next

Thang 1: Butkus Routine

Butkus (rapid curb step-ups) for 60 seconds

Boo Boo Bear Crawls (regular bear crawl with one foot in the air so you hop with opposite leg) 15 yards and back

Butkus for 60 seconds

Burpos (burpee starting in low squat position and coming up back to low squat position) on YHC call x 15

Rinse and repeat Butkus, Boo Boos, Butkus, Burpos

Thang 2: Paula Abdul Routine

Straight from Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract, we take 2 steps forward and 1 step back (*Editors Note: the lyrics are actually two steps forward and two steps back, but F3 is about progress) all the way around the amphitheater circle.

Partner Up.  Both partners run two light poles, do 10 partner merkins at second light pole.  Partners use resistance band/rope to run back one light pole and perform 10 partner BB sit-ups.  Rinse and repeat around the circle alternating resistance band roles for each one pole run.  I believe two Pax were within one light pole of finishing, but Friday calls so we moseyed back to the flag for NOR, Announcements and Intentions.

Intentions for Pax and their friends and family who are burying loved ones today.  Peace be with you.





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