10.10.18 – the Blender Back Blast

It was Tuesday morning when I saw a post from Old Bay on Slack, he was looking for a Q Wednesday morning at the Blender.

Why Not.

So with the M headed out of town and being busy at work, there was not a lot of time for creativity, but hey who needs that. As Old Bay put it, nothing beats a good parking lot workout.

Pax: Left Eye, Daddy’s Girl, Maize, Blue Print, Sump Pump, Glenn Ross, Geppetto, Deuce, Escort, Peroni, Buschhh, Country Boy, Zartan, Plumb Bob, Grinder, Old Bay, Loco, Rih Rih, and Hot Wheels(Q)

These Mutts rolled in deep at 5:28/9 so at 5:30, the disclaimer was given. A short mosey around the school and we circled up in the parking lot. We did the usual stuff. SSH, GG, Down Dog, and a Burp O Rama.

Now it was time for the Main event. Everyone moseyed over to grab some coupons. Then back to he parking lot. To line up at one end. Thanks to Sump Pump for encouraging us to back up, that extra 30 ft was nice!!

At the end with coupons we started with 20 bent over rows and 1 overhead press. Then ran to other end and did 20 Merlin’s and 1 flutter kick. Up and back continuing the same exercises with the count always adding to 21. 19:2, 18:3 al the way until it was flipped. 2:19 and 1:20.

Some finished and most including myself did not. This took us to 6:15 and I think all were sufficiently smoked by then.


Lots of intentions and announcements.

– HW

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