9/2 – Labor Day at Posh

Due to the holiday, we pushed this one back to 0700-0800. Gave me an extra 15 mins to work with. Pax: Ripple, Bob Ross, Presto, Harbaugh, Skirmish, Buzzsaw, Newman, Tenderfoot, Iceman, Jitterbug, Abacus, Deep Dish, Woooo, Huggies, Nino, Fructose, Mr Kotter, Maxi, Hot Wheels (Q) We started with a mosey and the usual COP. Highlight thereContinue reading “9/2 – Labor Day at Posh”

8/13 – B.B. – Douglass Hills – Black Ops

Wow!! 12 Pax for random BO when posted at 6pm the night before. You guys never cease to amaze. Even with a time change and starting 15 mins earlier. After starting F3, I kept thinking about how great the park area of Douglass Hills (DH) would be for an AO. I have talked about butContinue reading “8/13 – B.B. – Douglass Hills – Black Ops”

7.15 – Big Mo – Back Blast

Great morning for some heavy lifting! Pax: Tony Malito, Tae Bo, Meatball, Rih Rih, Geppetto, Snow Day, Chutes, Flounder, Carlose, GangPlank, Airball, Backdraft, Worm, Atlas, Hot Wheels(Q) Snow Day brought out the tire and we broke into 3 groups of 5 or 5 groups of 3. Something like that but it’s hard to count atContinue reading “7.15 – Big Mo – Back Blast”

6/21 – Chopper – WayBack – Back Blast

Life is crazy. Been swamped at work and been on the road then making up for lost time and doing other things. Looking ahead to post a Pre Blast for my Q tomorrow, I realize I haven’t done a Back Blast for my last two Qs. Sorry to you fine gentleman who put in theContinue reading “6/21 – Chopper – WayBack – Back Blast”

04.27 – The Fog – Back Blast – Hot Wheels Anniversary Q

So 1 year of this thing. Crazy. I’ve come a long way in a year and thank you to those who have helped along the way. It’s been a lot of fun. For those may actually read this, you don’t want to read any more of that nonsense. As a tribute to the anniversary, IContinue reading “04.27 – The Fog – Back Blast – Hot Wheels Anniversary Q”

03.18 – Big Mo Heavy – Hot Wheels Q – Back Blast

Who is the Q?????? Well Worm and Tool Traded Qs then Worm got sick so I ended up with the Q. Having just finished moving this weekend it’s just what I needed to push me out of the fartsack. Pax: Betty Crocker(DR), Flounder, Tony Malito, PK, Carlose, WeedWacker, Meatball, & Hot Wheels(Q) This is aContinue reading “03.18 – Big Mo Heavy – Hot Wheels Q – Back Blast”

3/16 – Black Ops – Casa de Wheels Moving Day

I am coming up on my one year post-aversary and let me tell you the last year has been a game changer for me. Who would have thought that I could have gotten 5 guys to wake up at 530ish on a Saturday to help me move? Hell, if you asked me, I wouldn’t haveContinue reading “3/16 – Black Ops – Casa de Wheels Moving Day”

2/27 – B.B. Heavy BO at the County

Pax: Alexa, Wildflower, Jolly Rancher, Gilligan, Amelia, Big Bird, Bulletin, Hot Wheels (Q) My original plan was to use the tires they have at the County but these tires are ridiculously heavy. So I opted for a heavy circuit. Hopefully everyone got in a good WO. We had four exercises and the pax partnered upContinue reading “2/27 – B.B. Heavy BO at the County”

02.19 – BO at Bayside – Late Back Blast Part Duex

Once again sorry for the late Back Blast but no excuses just get it done. Thanks for having me out to Bayside guys! Love that AO, great spot and great Pax!! Pax: Worm, Sadie, Glaucoma, Grandpa Bear, Fanny Pack, Shuttlecock, Birdie, Charolais, Hot Wheels(Q) After a warm up and stretches, we lined up in theContinue reading “02.19 – BO at Bayside – Late Back Blast Part Duex”

02.18 – Big Mo – Better late than never Back Blast

My apologies for the late Back Blast fellas, I could give you a list of excuses but it would be just that excuses. So I won’t. We haven’t done Arms in a while, so I thought we could work those beach muscles! Pax: Le Pew, Carlose, WeedWacker, Alexa, Meatball, Storm Trooper, Big Bird, McAfee, TonyContinue reading “02.18 – Big Mo – Better late than never Back Blast”

01.04.19 – Hot Wheels Q – Got Wheels?? at the Chopper

This was my third Q of the Holiday break. It was nice to get some Qs in a stay for a full workout. Wednesday after Zartans Q, Kilo and I took his new sandbag on a tour of Veterans. On our way through what’s left of the construction laydown area, there a handful of palletsContinue reading “01.04.19 – Hot Wheels Q – Got Wheels?? at the Chopper”