1/23 – The Tank @ Vets – Back Blast

So the Stomach Bug hit Worms house hard this past week. Without looking at the weather I volunteered to take his Q for him.

It was wet, not raining as hard by the time we got out there but after the wet weekend at the GoRuck Tough I did not want to be wet anymore so I did why any of us would do. I blamed Kilo and kept us under cover most of the time.

Pax: Dry Rub, PK, Rhythm, Dynomite, Deep Dish, Drysdale, Meatball, Sweet tart, Pork Chop, Sadie, Tony Malito, Flounder, Kilo, Maxi, HotWheels (Q)

After a short mosey around the monument we formed up under the cover a nice pavilion for some COP.

SSH, GGs, IWs, Down Dog Stretches, and Smurf Jacks.

Quick mosey to another pavilion with lots of picnic tables. Everyone grabbed a spot. 1:4 to 10:40 step ups and dips.

Mosey back to the first pavilion hit a quick Jack Webb. Merkins and Air Presses.

At this point the rain really let up, so we took off for a long mosey through the park trails. We stopped at the bottom of the steep hill. The pax lined up in the plank position and when ready AMRAP merkins while the 6 bear crawled to the front until we reached to top of the hill.

Mosey back to the monument and we circled up around the seal for some LT. Dans. 1:4 to 10:40 Squats and Lunges.

We then gathered around what has been dubbed the “Tomb” for some Captain Americas. 1:4 to 10:40 Big Boys and American Hammers.

I think we made it to 8:32 and it was 6:15. YHC has to head out per the usual. So thanks to Kilo for closing us out with the COT.

I’m sure there were announcements and intentions no wish I could stick around longer.

Random thought if your still reading this, thanks, so if you haven’t signed up or done a GoRuck event, you need to. It was the best worst time I’ve ever had. The workouts we do really push ourselves but you will find you have much more in you. Those events really help bring it out.


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