04.27 – The Fog – Back Blast – Hot Wheels Anniversary Q

So 1 year of this thing. Crazy. I’ve come a long way in a year and thank you to those who have helped along the way. It’s been a lot of fun. For those may actually read this, you don’t want to read any more of that nonsense.

As a tribute to the anniversary, I decided to run back with Huggies weinke from his VQ. It sucked really bad then and still sucked just not as bad and when I say it sucked, what I really mean is, it was awesome.

Pax: Huggies, Gypsy, Mr. Cotter, Wapner, Methane, Bob Ross, Hot Wheels (Q)

We started with a disclaimer, a mosey and some of the usual stuff! Then it was over to the egg lawn.

This is where I informed the Pax that we would be running back Huggies Q and it sucked then and would suck again today. When I say it sucked I mean it was awesome. Once again well done Huggies.

As a group we would make our way around the egg lawn. Lunge walk the distance between light poles the Mario for three. Repeating until we made our way around the Egg. We also started with 15 BOYOS and did 15 more at the mid point.

The second lap consisted of Bear crawls and moseys for the same distances. This time at the start we did 15 Merkins.

The last lap was a mixture of the two previous and that took us back to the flags for a few minutes of Mary.

We closed with announcements and intentions e we also do. I want to thank Huggies for the kind words and those who are having tough times should reach out to another. It helps just to share those burdens even just to talk about it.

In closing I want to thank you all for the last year. I have come a long way and I appreciate all the encouragement along the way. I was unhealthy and overweight and needed a better outlet for all the stress that life brings. I found it. So thanks again guys.


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