BackBlast from The Ruiner at The O 4/27/19

Q: Diablo

PAX: (6) OJ, Gillespie, Vincent, Cowboy, Plumb Bob, Diablo

This one is late. My apologies. No excuse other than I forgot to do it until just now.

Also, almost the entire workout was a bit of an audible because an outdoor volleyball tournament took over the field I planned to use for some non-sense, so I’m having to go from memory on this one, rather than look back on a plan I had and implemented. Here’s what I think we did:

After a brisk mosey to the basketball court, it was

SSHs (40 IC)

LBCs (20 IC)

Copperhead Squats (20)

After that, PAX gathered on baseline for 2 minute AMRAP Merkins, followed by full court sprint, then a jog back down the court. 2 minutes is a long time to merkin for what it’s worth.

PAX then knocked out 2 minute AMRAP squats, followed by broad jumps down the court, then a jog back down the court. 2 minutes may be a long time to do anything now that I think back on it.

Staying on the basketball court, PAX partnered up for that Ace & Gary thing I like to do where one partner does big boy sit ups while other partner holds partners feet in a plank until 15 big boys are done. PAX did 3 rounds of this. If this has or ever had a name I forgot it. May need to name this one.

PAX then moseyed to volleyball lined and netted field hockey field, grabbing coupons on the way. PAX performed several rounds of manmakers, overhead presses, curls, and rows, and maybe something else I’m forgetting. We were beaten up after it, so it worked.

PAX returned coupons. I had a football with me that I was pouting I couldn’t use for planned workout so we partnered up and ran fly routes on the tennis court, intermixing burpees when anyone dropped the ball. We also learned that Vincent can absolutely spin a youth sized football.

After football fun, we circled up for some Mary that included flutter kicks, American Hammers, LBCs, and V-Ups.

I’d say we circled up for COR and NOR but we didn’t because I just forgot to do it. You’d think I hadn’t been at this for going on 2 years now. But, we did remember COT, and I did give thanks for the ability to come out to a park on a nice Saturday morning and quite literally run around with friends and throw a football back and forth. We took those things for granted as kids, but we shouldn’t as adults. It’s fun and worth doing.


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