01.04.19 – Hot Wheels Q – Got Wheels?? at the Chopper

This was my third Q of the Holiday break. It was nice to get some Qs in a stay for a full workout.

Wednesday after Zartans Q, Kilo and I took his new sandbag on a tour of Veterans. On our way through what’s left of the construction laydown area, there a handful of pallets laying around with nothing on them. I don’t who said it first but we both decided that they would be perfect for the Friday wienke at the Chopper. Inspiration!!

Then Worm said I need to bring the pain and there it was. Extra Motivation.

So fueled with Inspiration and Motivation, plus a few bourbons the wienke was polished and ready.

Pax: Tony Malito, Amelia, SnowDay, WeedWacker, Rhythm, Kilo, Deep Dish, Maxi, Dynomite, McAfee, Huggies, Valdez, Alexa, Jolly Rancher, Big Bird, Carlose, Road Rash(FNG,DR), Third Degree(DR), Flounder, Closer, Duracell, PK, Dry Rub, & Hot Wheels (Q)

We warmed up with a short mosey around the monument then circled up for 35 SSHs, GGs, and stretches.

We then took off for a long mosey down the hill by the Chopper for a long mosey. We ended at the big lot where YHC instructed the Pax to grab to grab two small coupons each. Then group up in teams of four at the pallets laid out in the lot.

Here we found out, that pallets ain’t got wheels. Two Pax worked up and back the lot pushing the pallet while the other two Pax worked on the B.O.M.B.S.

Pallet Push B.O.M.B.S

B = 50 Burpees

O = 100 Overhead Claps with mini Coupons

M = 150 Merkins

B = 200 Big Boys Situps

S = 250 Squats

This sucked. It was hard. The Pax pushed each other and the damn pallets.

At 10 after 6 we returned the mini coupons and added the pallets to our stash. Then we headed back to the monument.

Once back at the monument we circled up for NOR, COR, and COT. We named the FNG from Nashville, Road Rash after pushing the pallets and him taking a break to spill some merlot.

Lots of intentions out there co workers, friends, and family.

Thanks to all who came out and pushed through this one with me!

– HW

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