“Running is a life skill” – John Coctostan. Ruiner Backblast 1/5/19

Q: Captain Insane-o

Pax: Here’s a question: if you come late and miss the workout but workout, do I count you here? Because Diablo wrote a backblast for these guys, imma gonna say naw. Vincent (R), Trump, Gillespie, Face, Violet, Pope, Pong, Oscar, CI

Gearlander: Merrell shoes, feetures socks, shorts, Toledo Walmart tank top covered by white nike pullover, Fred, gloves

Conditions: moist from the days before but not raining. 37*.

Red Roof Q’d opposite YHC at Le Mutt this morning. Earlier this week, he teletyped me asking if we should converge our Qs. Always game for something different, I agreed. The plan was to warm up, then we’d begin sending Pax in heats to our midway meet up spot based on mile time. You see, the spot is a mile from the Mutt and 1.3 from the O. We figured we’d start with the Clydesdales, then the hustlers, then the batflippers, with everyone meeting at the spot at the same time.

Well, my group all ran the same pace.

Soooooo, we did a COP like this.

SSHs 20xIC

Grass grabbers 20xIC

Merkin waterfall 10 to 1 with corresponding plank rest between each set

Kendra Newman’s so I could get miles times

LBCs 20xIC

Abe Vigodas 10xIC

Then, I got antsy so we started running. Red Roof said he’d release his first wave at 7:15. Our whole group left at 7:15. I got to chat with Violet most of the way, which was nice. Good to get to know him better.

We got to the spot off Dayton and Meridian: a funeral home parking lot. We got there quickly. So I improvised.

Parking Curb Calf raises 20x

Dips 20x

Wall Jumps or single leg step ups 20x

Dips 20x

Wall Jumps or single leg step ups 10x

Dips 20x

Wall Jumps or single leg step ups 10x

Then, a Mary Webb of LBCs to Flutterkicks. At this point I saw the first set of Mutters rolling in. Crap, that group was bigger than our Pax! Then, I saw the rest. Red Roof had what looked like 40 with him. Good on ya.

We all grabbed the end of a parking space line for Build-a-Bears: bearcrawl the U of the spot and at the end do a manmaker. Do this until I say stop. We didn’t stop for a while. Lots of modifications here.

Red Roof called it and we did BLIMPS to finish the mini-convergence. Hugs and kisses goodbye, as we lined up for a Native American Run back with the Six Pac doing two Merkins before sprinting to the front.

We made it back just in time and, whoa, there were four more Pax there. Diablo, Wham!, Tammy Faye Baker and Loco. The New Year saw many new runners out this morning testing their gear that they’ll likely not use in a couple of weeks, and they took all our spots. I did enjoy the looks we got jogging in doing a sprint run and Merkins. These newly minted “athletes” probably thought WE were doing it wrong.

COR, NOR, Announcements. Ruck event 1/11. Survey for the Year-end awards. COT. I took us out thanking the guys for the community we’ve built and reminding them to be glad we have it.

CI out.

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