3.23 – The Hurt – BackBlast

I really enjoyed the workout yesterday at the Mutt. Honestly, I was dreading the fact that I had the Q and didn’t know what to do. I had a busy week traveling and wanted nothing more than to stay in bed. Having committed a while back to Geppetto, I couldn’t pull a CI and fartsack my own Q so, I forced myself out of bed pulled out an old wienke. Simple yet effective.

Pax: Digiorno, Windshield, Old Bay, Buschhh, Face, Warbucks, Wham-O, Geppetto, Deuce, & HotWheels(Q)

We started with a disclaimer and a short mosey around the school. Some movements and stretches to get us loose, SSH, IWs, Downward Dog and other stretches.

I informed the men that we would be doing different variations of exercises all with a Jack Webb style of counting.

Up first, step ups and dips. 1:4 all the way to 10:40

Next was some Lt Dans. Squats and Lunges. 1:4 to 10:40.

Third was some Bearpees. Burpees and Bear Crawls. 1:4 to 10:40.

After that we did a round of Captain America’s. Big Boi’s and American Hammers. 1:4 to 10:40

When we started that morning, I told the guys that we would not be running but I guess I lied.

I asked Buschhh to lead us on an Indian Run to break up the monotony. We ran a good bit not sure how far but I was spent.

Once we were back we wrapped things up with our good old friend Jack Webb.

With a few minutes left, we sprinkled in a little Mary till we hit our time.

Circled up for announcements and intentions, with quick thanks to the SkyQ we were on our way out.

Glad I came out and thanks for all those that joined.

– HW

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