Back Blast – St. Patrick’s Black Ops – 3/21/19

This marked the 3rd week of Black Ops at St. Patrick’s. My goal was to truly design a You v. You workout that would allow each individual to work as hard as they desired. This was the 2nd week in a row that it rained so I expected a smaller turnout. In all, we had 6 PAX present:


Nice and Slow


Uncle Rico

Miracle Gro


Here is what we did:

One lap mosey around the campus to get a feel of the layout. Upon completing the lap, we circled up for warm-up:

20 x SSH


20 x MC

25 x Merkins


Main Thang:

I broke up the campus into 4 stations:

1st station: Lower parking lot behind the school and rear hill(name for hill TBD). I set a cone at the beginning of the parking lot near the bottom of the hill and another about 50-60 yds away. PAX bear-crawled down to the cone, did 5 burpees and bear-crawled back. Once this was complete it was on to station 2.

2nd station: Prisoner run to the top of the rear hill up to the playground area. Once this was complete it was on to station 3.

3rd station: 20 T-Merkins then run through the main parking lot in front of the school and down the front hill

Station 4: Once at the bottom, PAX completed 20 V-ups. Once the V-ups were complete, PAX sprinted back to 1st station. 

We AMLAP’d this for 35 minutes. At the end of the 35 minutes we circled up for COT, announcements and intentions.

Convergence on 4/20 at The O.

I shared with the PAX one of my favorite COT messages which is to make today about somebody else and remember to put others first. It’s easy to get caught up in our own stresses and situations and it’s a true challenge and accomplishment to lead your life and day for others.


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