Back Blast “The Extender at the Mutt 10/4/18”— Tiger at the Q

It has been a while since I Q’d and I felt like I needed to get back leading a good beat down. On the eve of the day before coming into this world is exactly what I did! I wanted to make sure I got up in time so I wasn’t coming in too hot at the Mutt arriving at the last second. So what did I do, I got there three minutes before the work out in plenty of time to give full disclosure.

To start the work out at 5:30 sharp we ran around the school and circled up and started the warm-up: side straddle hops/arm circles (better known as Kendra Newman’s)/cross body adduction stretch each arm/hamstring stretches/hip flexor stretch). We then counted off (one-two/one-two….) and went off to grab the coupons.

Thang 1:

– combined bicep curls (100 times) while 1 person runs (5 merkins with mountain climbers in b/w) then alternate

– combined military press (200x) while 1 person runs (15 squats) then alternate

– combined rows (200x) while 1 person runs (10 plank jacks) then alternate

– combined bench press (300x) while 1 person runs (15 side straddle hops) then alternate

Thang 2:

– 1 person performs 10 pull ups while teammate performs LBC’s and then switch (rinse a repeat 3x)

Thang 3:

– circled up for some quick ab work (20 gas pumps)

Finished workout and circled up around the flag . (Bumblebee/meatball/deuce/Glen Ross/Maze/left eye/mad cow/spreadsheet/Wham’o/ BluePrint/Waterboy/Me Augie/Mary Poppins/spinal tap/sump pump/fridge/windshield/Houch/sprinkler/grinder/PED/Geptepto/digiorno/black lung (F3 Nashville)/plumbob/Beano/ mouth/ and Q (Tiger)!! Finished with prayers spoken out load and with the ones we hold in our hearts. Enjoyed the opportunity to lead you gentlemen this AM. Tiger!!!

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