2/3: BB for another Poshy Ruck

Alexa: what did you do this morning?

OK! Here’s what happened:

Pax: Deep Dish, Jolly Rancher, Alexa (Q is there a Q on a Black Ops Ruck?

Although the weather the day before was sunny and in high 50’s, the temperature dropped quite a few degrees overnight. It was a little on the cool side when the three of us met at O-Posh at 5 am (and it felt like it took WAY too long to warm up). Despite significant amounts of black ice, we made it all the way to Pope Lick before needing to turn back due to time constraints. Upon arriving back at the Egg Lawn, we completed two extra laps making the total 9.5 miiles. Jolly Rancher and Deep Dish needed to head home to get to the M’s and families. I needed to finish a few more miles to keep up with my Star Course training, so I put a headphone in, turned on a TED talk and got to it. I finished out my 14 miles, stretched a little and headed out.

Thanks to Jolly Rancher and Deep Dish for some great conversation (lots of laughs, stories about how we met our M’s and of course the ridiculous things our 2.0’s do).  I was very happy to have company ITG for a long ruck.

Alexa: STOP!

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