2.2.19 BB at The Nest-Groundhog Day

1/28, checked the calendar and…Shoot! No one scheduled for The Nest at The County this coming Saturday. As the site Q there, I’ve been spoiled for the last 6 weeks having been fully booked up with a group of fine HIM that killed it from week to week. Well, it’s about time I step up at my own site. And then when Mama’s Boy reminded me that it was Groundhog’s Day, my excitement level just got dialed in to 15 on a scale of 1-10. I like a theme and this day already has one built in. I quickly decided that this would be a rinse and repeat type morning with Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe” playing throughout as an omage to one of my favorite Bill Murray movies.

FF to Friday night: LePew mentioned he was going to have two 2.0’s in tow. Valdez is bringing his and me and Mama’s Boy would be quick to follow. I love that our boys love getting out with their Dads!

All PAX in attendance: Mama’s Boy, Red Bull 2.0, Valdez, Exon 2.0, LePew, Trekkie 2.0, The Bus (Trevor McDill- 2.0 that lost his dad 5 years ago. Fungi brought him out for his first post and he’s been at the last four consecutive Saturdays. Strong!) Gilligan, Airplane, Alexa, Rocky, Jolly Rancher, Viking, Cowboy, Jerry Mcguire, The GOAT 2.0, BigBird-Q

Disclaimer given. Turned on the song. COP: Slow Grass Grabbers 15 IC, Abe Vagodas 15 IC. Groans from the PAX as the song started over and they realized what was happening. Mosey around the campus to the front lot called “The Midway” and geared up for The Thang.

The Thang:

We would start at the front lot with the SSH and High knees and rotate from station to station. Time would allow for one rinse and repeat. Informed PAX that this would not be a you V you workout. This would be about working hard but working together. It was an opportunity to work as a unit. An opportunity for us all to be the “6.” An opportunity for some good mumble chatter and to get to know each other a little better. And let me tell you, there was definitely some good, quality 2rdF built in on this day.

We would finish strong and received a 10 count from each of our 2.0’s minus The GOAT. He was helping me throughout the WO.

We moseyed down to the flag and I had one more treat in store for the PAX. As we listened to the whole song I Got You Babe we would side lunge from side to side and drop for a burpee every time we heard, “I Got You Babe.” We have some good expressionistic dancers I our group!

After all that, we still had time for some Mary. Mama’s Boy called out LBC’s, Red Bull called out BBSU’s, Alexa called out Pickle pointers, LePew called out Dying Cockroaches and Jolly Rancher brought us home with Weezie Jeffersons.

COT: Announcements: mentioned February ruck, March Trail run at the Speedway and Coffeeteria after the WO. We had a moment for all of our intentions that we hold in our hearts. Thanked the Sky Q for another day to put my feet on the floor, for my son The GOAT who made it out with me and this group of guys who continues to make me a better person.

Until next time…


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