2/2/19 The O’s #Ruiner Backblast

: Wham!

13 PAX: Noxeema Jackson; Violet; Liberace (FNG); Lumbergh (FNG); Miyagi; Tammy Faye Baker; Zartan; Trump; Gillespie; Tron; Nugget; Vincent (Respect); Wham! (Q).

Time: 0700

Weather: 29 degrees; Cold but reasonable

Playing Surface: Frozen tundra/ice skating rink

ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Shorts; Long sleeve shirt with thin duo dry pullover on top; Black and gray Swiftwick socks; F3 hoorag with black beanie over it; Solomon Speedcross 3’s.

I felt like I had a pretty good plan in place for yesterday until I arrived at the O and nearly fell on my six after taking one step onto the running track which was covered with a sheet of black ice.  Vincent, being the attentive Site Q that he is, then reported that he had done some recon and discovered that the tennis courts were also a sheet of ice.  So my plan to do COP on the tennis courts and then take the Pax on a street run down the long hill that leads to the O’s Wham! Island/Mount Quimby area was no good.  An audible was called and away we went.

With the tennis courts unusable, we headed to the field hockey field behind the O’s fancy public restrooms and circled up for the following:

– 20 SSHs IC
– 15 Abe Vigoda’s IC
– 15 Imperial Squat Walkers IC
– Kendra Newman’s OYO
– Plank Progession (regular plank, elbows plank, right arm up, left arm up, regular plank, elbows plank)

Because of the slick conditions on all of the hard surfaces, I decided we would spend the vast majority of the WO in the outfield of the softball field near the basketball courts.  So after COP, we grabbed coupons and headed that way.

Thang 1
We partnered up and then lined up on the right field foul line of the softball field.  Partner 1 did AMRAP man-makers while Partner 2 sprinted across the field to the outfield fence and then back to his partner.  The roles then reversed.  We did this 3 times and then changed it up by having Partner 1 do AMRAP coupon curls and Partner 2 Bernie Sandersing it across the outfield and then sprinting back.  We did this 3 times as well.

Thang 2
Thang 2 was something called P.M.S. that I stole from one of OJ’s Qs (which he stole from another F3 group when he was down range).  The concept is that you do sets of Plank Jacks, Merkins and Squats (hence, P.M.S.) at 4 different spots that are supposed to form something resembling a square, with sprints in between each spot.  The first set is 10 of each exercise and then it increases by 10 at each spot so by the time you get to the fourth spot, you are doing 40 of each exercises.  You then go backwards and decrease the exercises by 10 each time so that when you get back to the spot you started at, you are doing 10 of each exercise.  You end up doing 160 of each exercise.  Woof.  Shout out to Vincent who torched the rest of the field during this Thang.  Respect indeed.

Side Note: My original plan (before learning that the O was an ice skating rink) was to do Thang 2 while going up and down and around Mount Quimby.  This was tough enough on the flat ground of the softball field outfield, so I can’t imagine how tough it would have been on a hill, but perhaps we’ll get a chance to find that out at one of my future Qs.
Thang 3
After Thang 2, it was 0745 and so we headed back toward the shovel flag to return the coupons and then moseyed to a grassy area that was not being re-seeded and lined up for something I made up in my head as we headed back from the softball field.  The Pax did 5 BOYOs, sprinted approximately 75 yards, did 10 BOYOs, and then sprinted back to the starting spot for 15 more BOYOs.  30 burpees and 2 quick sprints in about 4 minutes.  I was breathing hard after this but we still had 5 minutes until 0800, and so on to Thang 4.

Thang 4
Rather than ending with a traditional set of Mary exercises, I decided to do one of my favorite/most hated exercises: The Steinl.  Look it up on the Exicon of the F3 Louisville website if you want a full description of this exercise, but it is one hell of a fast paced core/shoulders workout.  Good stuff.

Side note:  My original plan was to do this on my beloved Wham! Island, but Mother Nature thought otherwise.

Grinder, who did a Black Ops trail run with Abacus, Catfish, Milton, was waiting for us as we returned to the shovel flag and so he joined us for count-a-rama, name-a-rama, announcements and intentions.  We also named our 2 FNGs (T-claps to Tammy Faye Baker for the headlocks) and learned a little about each of them.  Welcome to Liberace and Lumbergh.  Hope to see you guys out again soon.

I closed us out with a quick prayer and one of my favorite quotes: “We are not interested in the possibility of defeat; they do not exist.”  Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom apparently uttered these words circa 1899.  I’ve always loved the quote because I think it’s the perfect mix of confidence and the will to never give up on something you are striving for.

As always, I enjoyed leading and getting better with the Pax of F3 Louisville.  Looking forward to the next time.


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