7/2/20 Temple of Gloom Backblast

QIC: Wham! 12 PAX: Pixar; Butcher; Tin Cup; Russdiculous; Violet; Crock Pot; Blue Print; Handbook; Stick Up; Pope; Pine Cone; Wham! Time: 0530 Weather: Hazy and humid ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Kilo yellow sleeveless Under Armour shirt (with a little side boob action); gray Champion shorts; Kilo yellow reflective vest; Black F3 hat (backwards); Salomon SpeedcrossContinue reading “7/2/20 Temple of Gloom Backblast”

12/20/19 Mary T/Crescent Hill Black Ops Backblast

QIC: Wham! 15 PAX: Juco; Plumb Bob; Fall Guy; Sump Pump; Glen Ross; Vincent; Pope; Noxeema Jackson; Fergie; Duckling; Fridge; Buschhh; Deuce; Backdraft; Wham! Time: 0530 Weather: 25 degrees; Cold but no wind ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Full ugly/obnoxious Christmas gear (red turtleneck with snowflake on the neck; navy blue sweatshirt with a cat sporting aContinue reading “12/20/19 Mary T/Crescent Hill Black Ops Backblast”

11/30/19 #TheHurt Blackbast

QIC: Wham! 5 PAX: Pepperoni; Sump Pump; Glen Ross; Nugget; Wham! Time: 0700 Weather: 40 Degrees and steady/pouring rain with a “feels like temp of 34” ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Full UofL gear (hat, shirt, hooded sweatshirt and socks).  Go Cards!  Take state! (yeah, that didn’t happen but…we’re really good at basketball) Pre-WO Thoughts In myContinue reading “11/30/19 #TheHurt Blackbast”

11/19/19 #BagofWrenches Backblast

QIC: Wham! 8 PAX: Vincent; Façade; Flo Jo; Violet; Tron; Pork Chop; Handbook; Wham! Time: 0530 Weather: 37ish degrees; dry; dark ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Gray Under Armour cold gear long sleeve shirt with turquoise (matches my eyes) long sleeve pull-over; Gray shorts with black stripes; Salomon Speedcross 3’s; Black beanie with Energizer headlamp COP MoseyContinue reading “11/19/19 #BagofWrenches Backblast”

10/24/19 #Cloverfield Backblast

QIC: Wham! 11 PAX: Methane; Nice and Slow; Sarbanes; Catfish; Jewel; Husky; Bob Ross; Nino; Domino; Huggies; Wham! Time: 0530 Weather: 48ish degrees; dry; dark ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Black Wham! t-shirt with black long sleeve Nike dry-fit under it; non-descript shorts; Salomon Speedcross 3’s COP I had only posted at The Garden once previously andContinue reading “10/24/19 #Cloverfield Backblast”

9/7/19 Ruiner Backblast #HillRunning #CarelessWhisper

QIC: Wham! 16 PAX: Tron; Deuce; Taureen; Banjo; Fertile Myrtle (DR from Naperville); Wiki; Gillespie; Digiorno; Cutlass; Meatball; Gepetto; Duplo; OJ; Backdraft; Zonka; Wham! Time: 0700 Weather: 64 Degrees; Perfect ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Piggly Wiggly Tank Top; Navy Blue (not UK blue) Reebok shorts; F3 hat; Salomon Speedcross 3’s; Swiftwick Socks; Head Lamp; Off! DeepContinue reading “9/7/19 Ruiner Backblast #HillRunning #CarelessWhisper”

8/21/19 #TheBridge Backblast #WhamQ

QIC: Wham! 17 PAX (1 FNG): Dynomite!; Buzz Saw; Nugget; Nomo; Lady Bird (R); Nice n Slow; Bob Ross; Uncle Rico; Fructose; Deep Dish; Sand Trap (R); Ripple (FNG); Ice Man; Woooo; Mr Kotter; Jitterbug; Wham! Time: 0530 Weather: Humidish ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Piggly Wiggly Tank Top (side note: I ordered a new Wham! shirtContinue reading “8/21/19 #TheBridge Backblast #WhamQ”

7/30/19 #Rooster Backblast #BrotherlyLove

Co-Qs: Noxeema Jackson and Wham! 22 PAX (1 FNG): Wham-O (R); Digiorno; Nugget; Meatball; Sump Pump; Backdraft; Cowbell; PED; Buschhhhhh; Dynomite!; Soft Top; Pepperoni; Larry Flynt; Fridge; Kilo; Geppetto; Tureen; Boom Boom (FNG); Zoolander; Glenn Ross; Wham!; Noxeema Jackson Time: 0530 Weather: Louisville summer; Humid; 75ish Degrees?? ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Black sleeveless F3 Mudgear shirt;Continue reading “7/30/19 #Rooster Backblast #BrotherlyLove”

6/11/19 #BagofWrenches Backblast

QIC: Wham! 5 PAX:  Pope; Flo Jo; Zartan; Loco; Wham! Time: 0530 Weather: 53* and dry ZooZooLemon Gear Check: 26.2 brew t-shirt in kilo yellow; non-descript shorts; F3 hat; Salomon Speedcross 3’s COP We left the shovel flag and moseyed toward the O’s basketball courts for COP: – 20 SSHs in 4 Count Cadence –Continue reading “6/11/19 #BagofWrenches Backblast”

5/11/19 Backblast for The O’s #Ruiner

QIC: Wham! 9 PAX: Pope; Noxeema Jackson; Escort; Tammy Fae Baker; Gillespie; Diablo; Tron; Vincent (R); Wham! Time: 0700 Weather: 53* and dry ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Smedium gray UofL shirt; F3 hat; Black shorts; Salomon Speedcross 3’s Pre-WO As noted in my pre-blast, due to a finger injury involving an unfortunate encounter with a SpaghettiOsContinue reading “5/11/19 Backblast for The O’s #Ruiner”

4/12/19 Ruiner Pre-Blast #WhamQ #StarCourseShame

A few months back, I, along with several other F3 Louisville Pax, signed up for the 50+ mile Star Course event taking place in Columbus tonight/tomorrow. Unlike most of the others, however, I failed miserably in training for the event and ultimately had to back out. So to make up for my shame, I decidedContinue reading “4/12/19 Ruiner Pre-Blast #WhamQ #StarCourseShame”

3/27/19 #theTank Backblast #F3MentalBattle

QIC: Wham! 16 PAX: Captain Insane-O; Catfish; Flo Jo; Snow Day; Carlos’e; PK; Noxeema Jackson; Drysdale; Meatball; Deep Dish; Maxi; Dynomite!; Vincent (R); Kilo; Hot Wheels; Wham! Time: 0515 Weather: 30* crisp and clear morning (where are you spring???) ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Non-descript gray shorts with black stripes; Black Nike long sleeve shirt under Black/GrayContinue reading “3/27/19 #theTank Backblast #F3MentalBattle”

3/27/19 #theTank Pre-Blast #F3MentalBattle

I don’t post outside the 40207 as often as I’d like so I’m looking forward to leading the Tank Pax tomorrow morning. We will focus on the F3 brotherhood and getting better together as we support and discuss mental heath awareness in our community. And it’s my birthday, so feel free to bring gifts. AndContinue reading “3/27/19 #theTank Pre-Blast #F3MentalBattle”

2/25/19 Black Ops @ the O Backblast

QIC: Wham! 14 PAX: Trump; Plumb Bob; Blueprint; Captain Insane-O; PED; Fridge; Sump Pump; Noxeema Jackson; Violet; Dynomite!; Deep Dish; Maxi; Fergie; Wham! (Q). Time: 0515 Weather: Cold and windy.  29* with a “Feels Like” of 18* ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Black tights underneath navy blue GoRuck Simple Pants; Gray Under Armour cold gear long sleeveContinue reading “2/25/19 Black Ops @ the O Backblast”