9/7/19 Ruiner Backblast #HillRunning #CarelessWhisper

QIC: Wham! 16 PAX: Tron; Deuce; Taureen; Banjo; Fertile Myrtle (DR from Naperville); Wiki; Gillespie; Digiorno; Cutlass; Meatball; Gepetto; Duplo; OJ; Backdraft; Zonka; Wham! Time: 0700 Weather: 64 Degrees; Perfect ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Piggly Wiggly Tank Top; Navy Blue (not UK blue) Reebok shorts; F3 hat; Salomon Speedcross 3’s; Swiftwick Socks; Head Lamp; Off! Deep […]

7/30/19 #Rooster Backblast #BrotherlyLove

Co-Qs: Noxeema Jackson and Wham! 22 PAX (1 FNG): Wham-O (R); Digiorno; Nugget; Meatball; Sump Pump; Backdraft; Cowbell; PED; Buschhhhhh; Dynomite!; Soft Top; Pepperoni; Larry Flynt; Fridge; Kilo; Geppetto; Tureen; Boom Boom (FNG); Zoolander; Glenn Ross; Wham!; Noxeema Jackson Time: 0530 Weather: Louisville summer; Humid; 75ish Degrees?? ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Black sleeveless F3 Mudgear shirt; […]

5/11/19 Backblast for The O’s #Ruiner

QIC: Wham! 9 PAX: Pope; Noxeema Jackson; Escort; Tammy Fae Baker; Gillespie; Diablo; Tron; Vincent (R); Wham! Time: 0700 Weather: 53* and dry ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Smedium gray UofL shirt; F3 hat; Black shorts; Salomon Speedcross 3’s Pre-WO As noted in my pre-blast, due to a finger injury involving an unfortunate encounter with a SpaghettiOs […]

3/27/19 #theTank Backblast #F3MentalBattle

QIC: Wham! 16 PAX: Captain Insane-O; Catfish; Flo Jo; Snow Day; Carlos’e; PK; Noxeema Jackson; Drysdale; Meatball; Deep Dish; Maxi; Dynomite!; Vincent (R); Kilo; Hot Wheels; Wham! Time: 0515 Weather: 30* crisp and clear morning (where are you spring???) ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Non-descript gray shorts with black stripes; Black Nike long sleeve shirt under Black/Gray […]

2/25/19 Black Ops @ the O Backblast

QIC: Wham! 14 PAX: Trump; Plumb Bob; Blueprint; Captain Insane-O; PED; Fridge; Sump Pump; Noxeema Jackson; Violet; Dynomite!; Deep Dish; Maxi; Fergie; Wham! (Q). Time: 0515 Weather: Cold and windy.  29* with a “Feels Like” of 18* ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Black tights underneath navy blue GoRuck Simple Pants; Gray Under Armour cold gear long sleeve […]

2/2/19 The O’s #Ruiner Backblast

QIC: Wham! 13 PAX: Noxeema Jackson; Violet; Liberace (FNG); Lumbergh (FNG); Miyagi; Tammy Faye Baker; Zartan; Trump; Gillespie; Tron; Nugget; Vincent (Respect); Wham! (Q). Time: 0700 Weather: 29 degrees; Cold but reasonable Playing Surface: Frozen tundra/ice skating rink ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Shorts; Long sleeve shirt with thin duo dry pullover on top; Black and gray […]

1/1/19 Rooster/BoW Backblast: What Hangover?

QsIC: Deuce & Wham! 17 PAX:  Sump Pump; Plumb Bob; Wham-O; Digiorno; Dynomite!; Geppetto; Red Roof; Tron; Huggies; Bear (2.0); Bad News (DR from St. Louis); Blueprint; Gillespie; Dry Rub; Miyagi; Deuce (Co-Q); Wham! (Co-Q) Time: 0700 Weather: 45ish Degrees; Dry ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Wham!: Black Nike long sleeve shirt; Blue Duo Dry short sleeve […]

11/20/18 Bag of Wrenches Backblast #ironsharpensiron

QIC: Wham! 23 PAX:  Grinder; Zartan; Digiorno; Star Child; Snowman; Spalding; McAfee; Red Roof; Gillespie; Vincent (R); Ice Man (R); Pork Chop; Tron; Huggies; Pepperoni; Miyagi; Tammy Faye Baker; Violet; Peroni; Sweatshop; Fergie; Buschhhh; Wham! (Q) Time: 0530 Weather: 37 degrees; Crisp air; Damp playing surface ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Smedium Under Armour long sleeve shirt; […]

10/23/18 Bag of Wrenches Backblast #QSchoolWeek

QIC: Wham! 17 PAX: Trump; Scuba Steve; Flo Jo; Carlose; Captain Insane-o; Beaker; Zartan; Tammy Faye Baker; PK; Who Dey; Diablo; Kilo; Gillespie; Weedwacker; OJ; Nino; Wham! (Q) Time: 0530 Weather: 48 degrees; Clear skies (I saw the Little Dipper) ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Black F3 Louisville long sleeve shirt I bought on the black market […]

9/8/18 #Ruiner Backblast: Wham!’s DojO

QIC: Wham! 10 PAX:  Zartan; Red Roof; Chestnut; Ant Man; Captain Insane-O; Chicken Fried; Gillespie; Digiorno; Face (Respect. No?); Wham! (Q) Time: 0700 Weather: Forgot to check the temp but maybe 75ish degrees; Humid; Wet playing surface ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Smedium Black F3 Mudgear Sleeveless Shirt; Gray Champion Shorts; Gray hat with GrowRuck Tough patch; […]

8/27/18 Incubator BackBlast: A Year Later

QIC: Wham! 11 PAX: Dynomite!; Bob Ross; PK; Thumbtack; Flood Plain; Maxi; Pew Pew; Aerobie; Swifty; Uncle Rico; Wham! (Q) Time: 0530 Weather: August in Louisville Q’s ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Red #PopeStrong Tank Top; Black Champion Shorts; F3 Louisville Hoorag; Solomon Speedcross 3’s Pre-WO I realized a few weeks back that the 1 year anniversary […]

8/27/18 #Incubator Pre-Blast: This Isn’t Hollywood. It’s The Poshlands Damn It.

It sounds like the Black Ops workout at the O on Monday is the place to be. Why, you ask? For those who haven’t heard, we have FINALLY gotten the attention of a local TV channel and so WHAS is apparently coming out to the O on Monday to check us out. There will be […]