9/7/19 Ruiner Backblast #HillRunning #CarelessWhisper


QIC: Wham!

16 PAX: Tron; Deuce; Taureen; Banjo; Fertile Myrtle (DR from Naperville); Wiki; Gillespie; Digiorno; Cutlass; Meatball; Gepetto; Duplo; OJ; Backdraft; Zonka; Wham!

Time: 0700

Weather: 64 Degrees; Perfect

ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Piggly Wiggly Tank Top; Navy Blue (not UK blue) Reebok shorts; F3 hat; Salomon Speedcross 3’s; Swiftwick Socks; Head Lamp; Off! Deep Woods Bug Spray

Other Accoutrements: 4 Cones; Red Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker; iPhone with sweet tunes; F3 Club Paradise Shovel Flag; Handwritten Weinke; 2 Coupons

Circle of Pain
Moseyed from the shovel flag to Wham! Island for the following:

– 20 SSHs IC
– 20 Merkins
– 15 Imperial Squat Walkers IC
– 20 Merkins
– 15 Imperial Squat Walkers
–  Plank Progression (regular, elbows, regular, right arm up, left arm up)

Thang 1
After COP, we left the friendly confines of Wham! Island and moseyed across the way to Mount Quimby which, based on my scouting of the area the day before, I knew was mostly not mowed but had two running paths going up it that connected about 3/4 the way up the hill and made sort of an oval (see pic above).  Thang 1 involved 4 laps around this oval and doing exercises at the right side bottom of the oval, peak of the oval and bottom left side of the oval.  Specifically, we did the following:

  • Lap #1: 10 Burpees, 10 Burpees, 10 Burpees
  • Lap #2: 20 Rosalitas, 20 Rosalitas, 20 Rosalitas
  • Lap #3: 30 Merkins; Merkins, 30 Merkins
  • Lap #4: 40 Squats, 40 Squats, 40 Squats

This was tough.  Lots of hill running.

Thang 2
Because there were 2 running paths up Mount Quimby that were side by side, I decided I wanted to split the Pax into 2 groups and have a race/competition and so we split into teams of 8 and did the following:

  • The Pax took turns running about half way up their team’s respective path while carrying a coupon and then did 5 man makers at the top and then ran back down the hill to give the coupon to the next Pax.  While waiting, the other Pax did an OYO progression of 10 SSHs, 10 Mountain Climbers and 10 Jump Squats.

Team 1 finished first but YHC did a poor job setting out the cones in the pre-WO darkness and so about halfway through the competition, we figured out that Team 2 was running quite a bit farther up the hill than Team 1 was.  Thus, there were no losers.  Both teams did 10 Burpees and we moved to Thang 3.

Thang 3
We then returned to Wham! Island for some core work otherwise known as the Steinl (look it up on F3 exercise database but it involves a rapid progression of planks, merkins, peter parkers, mountain climbers and parker peters).  Up until this point, I had been playing hard/heavy rock music (Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, ACDC, etc.) but I decided to slow things down for this final portion of the WO by playing my namesake’s slow ballad: Careless Whisper.  Everyone seemed pleased with this selection.

Circle of Trust
It was now 7:53 am and so we moseyed back to the shovel flag to circle up for count-a-rama, name-a-rama, announcements and intentions.  I thanked the Pax for their support and helping me get through what has been a rough few weeks.  My day is always better when I start it with F3 and I am thankful for that.

Looking forward to leading again…


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