3/27/19 #theTank Backblast #F3MentalBattle


QIC: Wham!

16 PAX: Captain Insane-O; Catfish; Flo Jo; Snow Day; Carlos’e; PK; Noxeema Jackson; Drysdale; Meatball; Deep Dish; Maxi; Dynomite!; Vincent (R); Kilo; Hot Wheels; Wham!

Time: 0515

Weather: 30* crisp and clear morning (where are you spring???)

ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Non-descript gray shorts with black stripes; Black Nike long sleeve shirt under Black/Gray F3 camo t-shirt; Black beanie; Mechanix gloves; Solomon Speedcross 3’s.

So a few months back, I decided I wanted to Q today because it was my birthday.  I checked the trusty Google Calendar assuming that the Q for the Mutt (which is my secondary home AO because my main squeeze, the O, doesn’t have a Wednesday workout) would be open.  My assumption was wrong though as Miyagi had already signed up for the Mutt’s Blender Q today.  I thought this was odd so far out but didn’t give it much thought and decided to step out of my comfort zone and instead sign up to Q at the Vet’s Tank today which is an awesome AO that I don’t post at nearly enough.

Going back to Miyagi.  Little did I know at the time that he signed up to Q today so far in advance because he had lost someone close to him to suicide on this date a few years ago.  Being the true HIM he is, instead of looking at this date negatively, he decided to turn it into a positive and use his energy to raise awareness about mental health, especially in the male community.  From this, the #F3MentalBattle hashtag was born and for those paying attention on Twitter today, he had a major impact across multiple F3 regions.  A big shout out also goes to Aerobie who has likewise been impacted by this issue and teamed with Miyagi in promoting this initiative.  Well done gents.

After introduction and disclaimer, we moseyed to centerfield of the baseball field adjacent to the big parking lot for the following:

– 41 SSHs in 4 Count Cadence
– 20 Abe Vigodas in 4 Count Cadence
– 20 Imperial Squat Walkers in 4 Count Cadence
– 41 Merkins in 2 Count Cadence (down/up)

Before moseying to the Thang 1 location, we partnered up and YHC explained that because we were focusing on mental health awareness today, we would stick with our partners for the remainder of the Q as symbolic of the fact that we’re never alone and always have someone by our side when times get tough.  On the Twitter today, I saw several references to #NoOYO which stands for the thought that you’re never on your own in F3.  That says it all in my opinion.

Thang 1
After COP, we moseyed to the grassy steep hill behind the baseball field.  I don’t post at Vets as often as I should but on one occasion, I remember Kilo making us bear crawl up, down and all around this hill which was really tough.  I had no desire to repeat Kilo’s weinke but I do love hills and so I decided to re-visit the spot today.

The game plan for Thang 1 was easy.  There would be a 4:1 ratio (shout out to me turning 41 today) of squats at the top of the hill and burpees at the bottom of the hill (4 squats/1 burpee, 8 squats/2 burpees, etc.).  Each partner tandem would move in unison and do the exercises together so that no one was on their own.  CI was my partner (shout out to CI for posting even though he had a lot going on in his life today) and I think we made it to 8 burpees and 32 squats before I called time because we had 15 minutes left and 2 more Thangs to do.

Thang 2
Thang 3 was back near the shovel flag and so to break up the long mosey between Thang 1 and Thang 3, we circled up in the big parking lot so that each partner tandem could do 41 Flying Squirrels combined.  For those that don’t know, a Flying Squirrel is basically a merkin that involves you pushing yourself off the ground on the upward movement so that both arms and feet are off the ground for a moment.  Violet introduced me to this exercise at his Q last week and I instantly loved/hated it so I had to repeat it today.  In total, each Pax did either 20 or 21 of these in order to combine for 41 between the two partners.  10 Count was given and then off to Thang 3.

Thang 3
The locale for this was the concrete area behind the American Flags that had curbs across from each other.  Sticking with the partner theme, P1 bear crawled from one curb to the other, did 10 incline merkins and then bear crawled back to P2 who was doing AMRAP big boy sit ups and then the partners switched.  There were 3 rounds of this and then we switched to crab walks and rosalita’s for another 3 rounds before time was called.

As part of the #F3MentalBattle weinke today, we stopped 5 minutes early at 0610 so that there would be ample time to discuss mental health awareness and suicide prevention in the male community.  After count-a-rama and name-a-rama, we turned our focus to this important issue and discussed the hesitancy of men to seek help for depression and related mental health issues and how that needed to change.  Examples were given of those who had lost friends and loved ones to suicide and the need for all of us to either be the friend who reaches out to someone who is struggling or to not hesitate to reach out to someone if we’re the one struggling.  Life is a precious gift that needs to be cultivated but we can’t do it on our own even if we don’t want to admit that sometimes.

As always, I appreciated the opportunity to lead the Pax of F3 Louisville today.  Looking forward to the next time, which…time for a shameless plug…is on April 13th at the O’s #Ruiner.  See you there.


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