State of the Region and Changing of the Guard

On April 22, 2017 I showed up to the first F3 Louisville workout at the Seneca Park Tennis Courts (The O) with a couple of others not knowing at all what to expect.  It was a rainy, cold morning and my wife and I had just brought home our third 2.0 from the hospital the weekend before. Things were busy at home to say the least and truthfully the last thing I wanted to do was go workout that morning.  My good friend KY (Jody Dawson from Charlotte Metro) had been talking up F3 for some time and he and some others had formed a launch here in Louisville that would last for six weeks. Crap! If they’re coming from Charlotte to launch this thing (A) they must feel pretty strongly about it, and (B) there’s no way I can get out of it because it’s launching .25 miles from my house.

Anyway, I showed up out of shape and the classic “sad clown” many in F3 talk about.  My family life was great and I felt like my career was going well as well. The problem I did not realize at the time is that family and work were all I was doing.  I’d retreated to my house most of the time outside of work, which is understandable with three small children, and I’d begun to isolate myself from my old friends. I’d always valued my down time to hang out with the guys and cut up and have fun, but with life and work getting in the way that was no longer possible.  I needed and outlet, and F3 smacked me right in the face and changed my life.

Workouts were small for a while (many times under 5 pax) but gradually grew.  Two of my first EH’s were Mayberry and Star Child. Both have the gift of gab and are as easily guilted into attending early morning workouts as I was.  They turned out to be two of the biggest reason this thing ever took off. I think it was the accountability we had to each other that kept us going.

It was on the 5th workout (5/20/17), when KY came home to Louisville to help launch and we had 19 pax show up when I felt these Charlotte guys were on to something.  Ironically this was also the first workout Captain Insane-o attended (more on that later) By the summer of 2017 things were growing like wildfire and we launched two new successful AO’s at Posh (Star Child) and The Mutt (Zartan).  

In the 627 days since the launch, the F3 Louisville region has named 668 new pax members in COT and we boast 399 current members in Slack.  We currently have 19 workouts over 7 AO’s and several Black Ops weekly to fill in where needed. Our highest attendance was 97 at a convergence (although Kilo claims he had 103 at a Black Ops Ruck).  Which brings to mind we’ve also hosted monthly ruck events now that draw big numbers and are also very fun and charitable as well. Many thanks to Tron (aka Weasel Shaker, aka Weezey) for all of his work building the Weasel Shaker 9000 robot to compile all of our numbers at F3 Louisville.

Second F is the fun stuff and it continues to grow as well.  Weekly happy hours, lunch meetups, an indoor soccer team, holiday parties, beer rucks, etc. are all things that make this pax great.  If you haven’t been to any of these they are great times to share war stories about The Gloom and to let people have it for fartsacking.  

Third F is I think what amazes me the most about F3 Louisville.  Whether it’s reading to elementary school children at an at-risk school, a fundraising raffle, or feeding the homeless at a shelter, I’m blown away by the Pax’s generosity and willingness to jump in and help where needed.  Third F is one aspect of F3 Louisville I feel a special spot in my heart for and is where I would like to continue to focus my efforts.

All in all I’m very proud of what we’ve done at F3 Louisville so far and I know the best is yet to come.  In 2019 we’ve got leaders in the Pax stepping up all over the place with a real fire and passion that can take us beyond what we even think is possible.  While I feel like my time as the Nant’an has been time well spent and has grown F3 Louisville in the vision F3 Nation had in mind, I also feel like this works best if others get a chance to lead too.  I didn’t really go into this with the intention of leading a group of men as I have had the chance to do, but I am thankful I’ve had the opportunity.

With this in mind I’ve decided to step aside as Nant’an to focus my energy as the Third F Q.  I’ve asked Captain Insane-o, and he’s agreed, to take over the role of Nant’an. I know he will be be fantastic at it.  He’s a born leader and has been instrumental in the growth and development of F3 Louisville since the very beginning, as I’m sure you all know.  His Q’s are excellent (the Big Rock coupon run notwithstanding) and he’s got a great perspective about family, friends, work, and F3 too. Also through F3 Louisville Jim’s become a great friend and I’d like to thank him for agreeing to take on this role.  TBH, it’s a lot of work, and the pay isn’t great. Outside of his current hair situation I can find no downside to him being our Nant’an.

Please join me to help welcome Captain Insane-o as our new Nant’an at the End of Year Banquet on Friday, January 25th, 7:30 pm at Saints.


Red Roof

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