BB The Fog 1/12/19


PAX: Drive Thru (R), Ladybird (R), Drydale, Gypsy (Q)

Conditions: Low 30’s. Wet Snow.

Welcome. Introduction. Disclaimer.


Under the Pavilion to stay out of the snow.

20 – SSH

20 – Grass Grabbers

20 – Imperial Walkers

Mosey around the parking lot.



I took this one from the Iron PAX Challenge and modified it a little.

50 – Squats

40 – Step ups (One each leg)

30 – Merkins

20 – Big Boy Situps

10- Burpees

1 – Lap around the parking lot.

Rinse and repeat until about 10 minutes left. Everyone did 4 rounds.

Circled up and did a little Mary to finish off the day.

COT: Name-O-Rama. Announcements (Awards Banquet, Fund raisers, and 3rd opportunities).

Intentions. Pray. Done.


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