Back-Blast – 8/17/19 – Gypsy @ The Fog

Back Blast are not my thing. I always schedule a time to write it but life gets in the way. Good thing I have notes in my phone from the workout. Rolled in for a great morning at the Parklands. High 60’s will a little breeze. Started at 7:00 with the Disclaimer PAX: Whitney (R),Continue reading “Back-Blast – 8/17/19 – Gypsy @ The Fog”

5/18 Back Blast – The Fog @ the Poshlands

I wasn’t expect much of a turnout with the AO Olympics going on but was completely surprised to see a full parking lot as I rolled into the Parklands. To my surprise, As I approached the Sprayground all I saw was a large group of women in workout clothes in front of the Gheens FoundationContinue reading “5/18 Back Blast – The Fog @ the Poshlands”

BB – 3/23 – The Fog @ The Parklands

I’m sorry for the extended delay on this one. Turning 40 has left me a little slow these days. 3/23/19 @ The Fog PAX: Jitterbug (R), Aerobie (R), Nice and Slow, Huggies, PK, Mr. Kotter, Ladybird (R), Qypsy (Q) Disclaimer Started with a Mosey around the parking lot. Circled up 20 ABE Vigoda’s 20 CherryContinue reading “BB – 3/23 – The Fog @ The Parklands”

08.10.18 BackBlast The Fog @ The Poshlands

It was a great morning to take a stroll thru the park. PAX: Presto (2.0), Bob Ross, McAfee, Double Down (R), Nice and Slow, Wapner, Eastwood, Qypsy (Q). Started off with the disclaimer and circled up next to the PNC Achievement Center Warm up: 31 SSH – McAfee made me lose count. 30 IMPERIAL WALKERContinue reading “08.10.18 BackBlast The Fog @ The Poshlands”

3/10/18 BB @ the Posh. Burpee 1/4 mile

Big shout out to the 8 HIM’s that braved the beat down I had in store. Everyone pushed thru and destroyed it. Q: Gypsy PAX: 9 PAX, Abacus, Boozer, Dot, Swifty, Double Down (RESPECT), McAfee, Preemie, Mr. Hat Circled up at 7:00 to a little warm up 25 – SSH 25 – Imperial Walkers Short MoseyContinue reading “3/10/18 BB @ the Posh. Burpee 1/4 mile”

BackBlast @ Poshland 1/6/18 – Single Digit Temps

9 HIM Got better this morning and slightly frozen for my VQ. Double Down (Respect), Little Smokey, Methane, Abacus, Ralphie, Storm Trooper, Little Jerry, Ice Man. Started off with two laps around the parking lot 20 SSH – Almost froze my windpipe 30 DON Quiotes 20 Imperial Walkers Arm Circles 20 Mountain Climbers Line upContinue reading “BackBlast @ Poshland 1/6/18 – Single Digit Temps”