3/10/18 BB @ the Posh. Burpee 1/4 mile

Big shout out to the 8 HIM’s that braved the beat down I had in store. Everyone pushed thru and destroyed it.

Q: Gypsy

PAX: 9 PAX, Abacus, Boozer, Dot, Swifty, Double Down (RESPECT), McAfee, Preemie, Mr. Hat

Circled up at 7:00 to a little warm up

25 – SSH

25 – Imperial Walkers

Short Mosey over to the main parking lot and line up.

I enlightened the PAX on our First exercise.

1 – Board Jump followed by 1 – Burpee. The whole length of the parking lot. About 25 parking spots.

Up and Back 3 times. 150 – Board Jumps and 150 – Burpees

I’m estimating this to be about 1/4 mile total. Double Down came in first (Major Respect).

Next over to the Egglawn because we still had 30 minutes left.

2 – Laps stopping at every set of benches. There are 13 around the egg lawn.

First lap – 10 Squats at each stop

Second lap – 10 Merkins

Mosey back to the Flag and circled up.

FUTURE DISCLAIMER: The first part of this workout is no joke. I felt it all day yesterday and I’m still sore this morning.

Thank you to all great HIM’s we have in this group, they never disappoint.


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