BB – 3/23 – The Fog @ The Parklands

I’m sorry for the extended delay on this one. Turning 40 has left me a little slow these days.

3/23/19 @ The Fog

PAX: Jitterbug (R), Aerobie (R), Nice and Slow, Huggies, PK, Mr. Kotter, Ladybird (R), Qypsy (Q)


Started with a Mosey around the parking lot.

Circled up

20 ABE Vigoda’s

20 Cherry Pickers

20 Smurf’s

20 Plank Jack’s

Mosey’s over to the Bridge for Thing 1

11’s over the Bridge

Burpee’s on one side

Lunge walk to the top of the bridge

10 dips

Mosey to the Bottom

Merkins on the other side of the Bridge.

Thing 2

Indian run around the egg lawn.

Circled back up by the Lodge for a little Mary

20 Pickle Pounder

20 American Hammers


Counted off, Name-O-Rama, Intentions, and Prayer



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