4/11 – Backblast – Black Ops at St. Pat’s

Prior to the WO, I told my M that I did not know how many HIMs would come out.  I thought with the big ruck this weekend and some other things going on, it might be a light turnout.  Was I ever wrong.

Weather: 58 Degrees, Clear, 54% Humidity

PAX: Tool Time, Lady Bird, Double Down, Milton, Huggies, Catfish, Abacus, Jitter Bug, Miracle Grow, Little Jerry, Iceman, Nice and Slow (Q)

I easily planned out the WO because I stole it from Catfish (who did the same workout 3-4 weeks ago at St. Pat’s).  It was my favorite recent workout, and I have no idea why, because it sucks.

Basically – the WO included running a loop around St. Pat’s, which has a killer hill.

  • Bear Crawl for 75 yards, do 10 burpees, Bear Crawl back 75 yards
  • Run to another station and do 20 lunges
  • Run up steep hill prisoner style (hands behind head)
  • 10 Superman Merkins
  • Run down front hill
  • 20 V-ups
  • Run back to Bear Crawl station and repeat

The total loop is a little over a half of a mile with a massive incline and decline.  Most PAX made the loop 3-5 times (of course, Catfish lapped almost everyone).

On my next Q, I will make sure that I don’t brainfart and remember the Proper Cadence Sequence.  Haha, I appreciate the help from the PAX!

If you have not made it out to a Black Ops on Thursday at St. Pat’s, please try.  Thanks again for coming out!



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