The Mulch @f3themutt Zoo Birthday Q

Welp. I’ll admit it. I took losing The “Best BB of the year” award pretty hard at the F3-eeys award banquet.

I guaranteed victory to my M, and she hired a photographer, and had a private velvet roped off room reserved downstairs for a VIP post party celebration……..alas……..joke’s on me.

CI won, and I went into hiding. Too embarrassed to show my face in the gloom for fear of mockery, Shame, and CI microflexing in my face.

There it is. The real reason I’ve been a bit sporadic in my recent posts. I’m not too proud to come forward with complete transparency.

So to pick up my spirits, I arm wrestled Gepetto for the Saturday Q, (won) and am determined to celebrate my birthday (Sunday) early with whomever forgot what we did last year on my birthday. Spring is in the air! And my yard needs some ummmmm – never mind.



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