BB – 4/12/19 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

The pre-blast said leg day, and that’s what we did.

Weather – warm, and humid as the storm approached. Dry for the first 35 minutes before a very light rain started in.

Pax (11) – Grinder, Cowboy, Gilligan, Jolly Rancher, Blart, Big Bird, Viking, Mama’s Boy, Airplane, Pork Chop, Fergie (Q).

No FNGs; disclaimer was given and we were off. We started off with a lap around the park, and met on the amphitheater stage. A couple quick exercises with a focus on stretching our legs.

Thang 1
Our one and only thang was a ladder on the amphitheater. Starting at the bottom step, each Pax lined up across the row. Basic ladder; the Pax did exercise 1 (5 reps), then ran to the top of the amphitheater and back down. Monkey humpers or plank for the 6, then we did exercise 1 (5 reps) plus exercise 2 (10 reps). To the top and back down. So on and so forth until we hit 30 reps, and then worked our way down the ladder.

The exercises were;
5 – Box Jumps
10 – Single leg Squats (5 per leg)
15 – Imperial Squat Walkers (4 count cadence)
20 – Step ups (10 each leg)
25 – squats
30 – skater lunges (15 each leg)

We finished with about 3-4 minutes to spare, so we did a little mary and called it at 615.

We circled around the flag, and announcements given. Look on slack for all the things going on, but remember to HC for the convergence, and take the opportunity to HL. Intentions were said for some families dealing with serious illness, and for all of the Pax hitting the star course tonight. Best of luck to those HIMS.

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