The Extender BB 04/11/19

Eighteen HIMs arrived at the Mutt for Cornbread’s VQ and my Co-Q.  Admittedly, this BB comprises 95% of the work done by YHC.  Cornbread put together a solid WO with some yoga flow and strength work.  The complete package detailed down to the minute below. Conditions were ideal at 55F and clear.

Pax: Tureen, Tiger, Buschhh, Old Bay, Hamm, Deuce, Glen Ross, Sump Pump, Fridge, Yogi, Loco, Left Eye, Gepetto. Zoo, Wham-O, Cornbread (Q), Zima (Q)

For my part, I was to lead the Yoga warm-up, which was a nice variation on our normal COP.

5:30 a.m. Disclaimer given and mosey to parking lot.

5:32 a.m. Mobility warm-ups
1. Yoga flow #1. Downward Dog – Chaturanga – cobra (5 times)
2. Yoga flow #2. Cat – Cow (5 times)
3. Wrist Mobility
4. Squat to forward bend to sun salutation to forward bend to squat

5:40 a.m. Mosey to prayer garden to pick up coupons. Up to parking lot.

Cornbread takes over from here.

CIRCUIT WORK (25 minutes)
3 minutes of work. 1 minute of rest.

1. Sumo Squats (10) … One legged dead lifts (10 each side) …. Side lunges (10 each side)

2. Coupon push-ups: left hand on ground, right hand on coupon – both hands on coupon – left hand on coupon, right hand on ground (10 pushups). Plank to lunge to twist & reach (5 each side).

3. Coupon bench press (10) Overhead Pull (10). Skull crushers (10)

4. Big Boys (10) One legged glute bridges (L-10) …. Russian Twists. (10) … One Legged Glute Bridge (R-10)

5. Coupon Scapular Row (10) Coupon biceps Curl (10). Coupon Shoulder Press (10)

6. Supermans (10) Dive bombers (5)


6:10 a.m. COOL DOWN (5 min)
1. Yoga Flow: Leg to chest. Leg to opposite side.
2. Yoga Flow: Cat – Cow
3. Yoga Flow: Downward Dog to forward fold
4. Sun Salutation


Announcements and intentions.  Cornbread led us out in prayer.

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