2/9 The Fog – BackBlast

Waking up for my Q at 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning and staring at the 17 º temperature on my watch was a little daunting, but I had told myself that I was going to make it out earlier and do some extra credit for the day. I showed up at the Parklands at 5:30, put on my ruck sack and I was on my way. It’s extremely calming to walk thru the Parklands, stare at the stars, and listen to the running water. Disregard the freezing temperatures. Most of the trek I contemplated the weinke I was going to subject the PAX to at 7:00 and who would actually show up after ruck the night before. I finalized my weinke during my 4 laps around the egglawn.

Finishing up, I got in my car around 6:45 to wait for the PAX to show up.

In true PAX form, everyone started to pull into the parking lot around 7:55.

5 HIMS, including myself.

PAX: Mr: Kotter, Aerobe (R), Iceman (R), LadyBird (R), Gyspy (Q) 

Props to Iceman for participating in the 9.5 mile ruck the night before and still making the workout.

Started at 7:00 with the disclaimer and took a little mosey are the parking to get the blood flowing.

COP: SSH (20), Grass Crabbers (20), Plank Jacks (20), and some legs stretches.

This is when I found out my gloves had thawed while I was sitting in the car and they were now frozen if my sweat earlier. Good thing I had an extra pair. Aerobe also informed the group that Flounder, Himself, and Me are all related by marriage. Flounder is married to my wife’s sister and he is married to their cousin.

We crabbed two 30 lbs ruck weights I pulled out and headed to the egglawn.

Once we arrived at the egglawn I proceed to explain the weinke.

One person was to carry both 2 – 30 lbs plates 4 light post and we would do an exercise.

The rest of the PAX would Bernie to the 1st light post, Karaoke the 2nd and 3rd posts, and then Lunge walk to the 4th. The timing couldn’t have been better. Almost everyone would arrive at the 4th post at the same time.

Once all the PAX arrived at the 4th post we would do 10 Merkins.

We repeated this all the way around the Egglawn and would switch the person carrying the plates.

After the first lap we started the second but switched the Merkins to 15 Squats.

We had about 8 minutes left after finishing the second lap so circled up by the flags for a little Mary. I think everyone was glad because our legs were shot.

8:00 – Circled up for Announcements, Intentions, and a Prayer by Ladybird.


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