Backblast- 2/5 LOCO at the County

A thousand thanks to the HIMs at the County for letting me lead last Tuesday and a thousand apologies for the delay in getting this backblast completed. Let’s give these PAX their due:

Mama’s Boy, Gilligan, Valdez, Jerry McGuire (R), Viking, Airplane, Bob Ross, Ashley, Bulletin (R), Amelia, Cowboy, Catness, Scratch-N-Dent, Big Bird, Milton, Cochran, Fungi, Crock Pot, Kimble, Uncle Rico, Abacus, Pew Pew, McAfee, Red Wagon, Catfish, Grinder (Q)

I’m ashamed to say I had not been to the County in several months, so I had to check on some logistics with Airplane the day before. I also knew that the County usually draws some numbers, so between Airplane’s intel and the potential of a big group, I put together a weinke that I thought would work. That being said, I never expected 26 to show…that was a pleasant and humbling surprise. Some things we did worked well and some didn’t, but overall I think a good time was had by all. Here’s how it went:

Thang one- ridiculously brief mosey (didn’t work) across parking lot for COP. We did some fast SSH’s (nod to CI), Imprial walkers, Grass Grabbers and other stretching. Next, we split up into two lines for Thang two – a Native American run around the campus (really didn’t work). I have never seen the County in the daylight, so I misjudged how tight it would be running two side-by-side lines on a NAR in that environment. It was a cluster fuck. Add to that that the lines were so long that not everyone got a chance to sprint and that I basically led the PAX directly in harms way (car traffic on a dark morning)…well, ten minutes into the workout I was feeling like this was going to be a huge bust. Luckily, the remainder of the weinke went to plan and  salvaged the morning.

We ended our run near the coupon pickup point, everybody grabbed one and we made our way to the big lot. I had arrived early and set up five cones in a starfish formation. We counted off by fours, creating four smaller teams, each which started at a different cone. Cone one was Merkins, two was Coupon Curls, three was Overhead Presses, and four was Coupon Squats. At the center cone, everyone did Burpees for the first few rounds, but as rounds progressed, we modified to Plank jacks, then SSH’s. This progression of running back and forth from the center cone to each outlying cone kept the PAX in constant motion for the remainder of the workout. It must have been a decent workout- Valdez went shirtless mid-way through.

With only a few minutes left, we returned the coupons and gathered up for COT. We counted off (26!), NOR, discussed Big Bird’s date with your M challenge (do it!), then made intentions. Huge thanks the County leadership for your guidance and allowing me to lead. Also, congrats to Catfish and North Posh for capturing the Ghost Flag.

Grinder out.

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