2.9.19 Backblast – The Nest

When the Double Down challenge started, I had gone ahead and placed all of my required Qs down including for today at the Nest. As it got closer, I kept hearing that Mama’s Boy had the Q. I reached out to Mama’s Boy a couple of day beforehand and he agreed to Co-Q.

In marketing, they say that differentiation is important. I enjoy how the Nest has become 2.0 friendly. When I reached out to Mama’s Boy, he had said The Bus (2.0) multiple weeks in a row and we should plan a Q that included fun and games for the PAX including our 2.0. I also used the opportunity to have my 2.0, Parking Ticket, join me for the workout.

When I arrived Mama’s Boy was out and setting up for the Q. We were worried that we may have a small turnout but as the start time came closer, more cars started pouring in.

Co-Qs- Mama’s Boy and Meter Maid

PAX- Alexa, Big Bird, Jolly Rancher, Trekkie (2.0), Crock Pot, The Bus (2.0), Fungi, Bulletin (R), Cochran, Parking Ticket (2.0), Mama’s Boy and Meter Maid

I started with the disclaimer and off we went with a scout run in honor my 2.0 who would crossing over to Boy Scouts later this month.


We circled up behind the school. We did downward dog, calf stretches and runner’s stretches. Then we did Abe V’s 15 IC and Grass Grabbers 15 IC. I passed it over to Mama’s Boy for THANG 1.

THANG 1 – Double Nickel (Idea from Mama’s Boy’s brother Daddy’s Girl prior Q)

We moseyed up to a hill between the school and the church. We would do 5 Merkins, mosey to the top of the hill and do 5 Burpees at the top. You would rinse and repeat 5 times.

Then we ran it again with 5 squats and 5 jump lunges (1 per foot). To make it more challenging we Bernie Sanders up the hill.

THANG 2 – Rock Paper Scissors [RPS] (Idea from prior Airplane Q)

We split into 2 teams (6 and 7). A line had been created where you had to kangaroo jump until you met the competing team. Then the RPS would determine who moved on. Loser to burpees. Goal to get to the other teams line to score.

We learned that 2.0s are better at RPS. We also learned that Alexa can jump like a kangaroo from all of his leg days. We also learned that Cochran would get close to end each time only to be denied in the end.

THANG 3 – Tennis Ball Balance / Agility (Thanks to Fungi for providing the tennis balls.)

Everyone was on their own. You go to come and back three times. First round balance a tennis ball on both hands. If you drop on round 1, you do 10 side straddle hop on your own. On round 2, you bounce one tennis ball at a time alternating between each hand. On round 3, you bounce both tennis balls at the same time. There was no penalty for dropping on the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

We learned that Cochran is very good at it but Crock Pot has hidden tennis ball talent. We ran it a second time but the second round, the non-2.0s had penalties for dropping in the 2nd or 3rd round.

THANG 4 – We reran the RPS.

THANG 5- We played ultimate frisbee. My 2.0 ran his shoulder into a sign trying to make a catch. Luckily he was okay and he had a successful basketball game later in the day. We had so much fun that we decided to play past our normal time.


We did count-a-rama, name-a-rama, and announcements. Big Bird reminded everyone about the M challenge that he posted to slack.

I shared a quote, “God invites you to experience the power of the little things. If you cannot find peace in the journey, you will not find peace in the destination. Be present in your own life.” We concluded with an Our Father.

-Meter Maid

PS- The picture represents where Cochran made his exit each time during RPS, which was very close to the end.

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