08.10.18 BackBlast The Fog @ The Poshlands


It was a great morning to take a stroll thru the park.

PAX: Presto (2.0), Bob Ross, McAfee, Double Down (R), Nice and Slow, Wapner, Eastwood, Qypsy (Q).

Started off with the disclaimer and circled up next to the PNC Achievement Center

Warm up:

31 SSH – McAfee made me lose count.



We proceeded to do a Reverse Indian Run over the Bridge and around the Louisville Loop Trail back to the Soccer Fields, A little over 1 Mile.

The Lead PAX would sprint for 3 seconds than turn around and mosey to the back of the line. The next PAX would Sprint 3 seconds once the lead PAX got past him. This would repeat thru the entire run.

Upon passing the Soccer fields, I observed they had already positioned the flags for soccer so I decided to stop for the next exercise. 10 X 10 Merkins.

10 Merkins then sprint to the mid flag and mosey back.

Repeat 10 times. We would wait for the six between each one.

Once finished, we moseyed back by the flag for a little COP.

I borrowed this one from Pope. 10 minute Burpee Challenge.

The goal was to do 10 Burpee’s per Minute for 10 minutes. McAfee graciously supplied the speaker.

Now for the fun. I mosey to my car and proceeded to pull out Bottle Bash (BeersBee).

Had the PAX count off and break into two teams and set the poles about 20 yards apart.

Normal Bottle Bash rules applied. Merkins were substituted for points except on caught Frisbees and Bottles. The throwing team would do the corresponding Merkins for the points that where lost.


We circled up and had announcements (keep in your prayers Vince, Abacus’s wife, and McAfee’s father-in-law). Concluded with a prayer.




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