BB – Jack Webb@theRuiner

YHC was running a tight schedule Saturday morning.  I had to pick up some props for the workout and Seneca was the place to be.  Parking spots were not to be found so I had to work down a side street for a spot.  Luckily, Glenn Ross was there to lend a hand.  At 6:59 the flag was planted and we headed directly for the tennis courts.  As was mentioned in the pre-blast the Q was going to be a no running, Jack Webb based workout.   I wanted to make sure heart rates were elevated so no one was cheated out of the Cardio.  Mission accomplished. At least I think so based on the amount of mumble chatter.  11 strong pushed through the pain – OJ, Wham!, Glen Ross, Captain InsaneO, Red Roof, Spinal Tap, Gillespie, Face, Glass Joe, Cutlass and Q- Vincent.

Warmup consisted of hip stretches, lunges with toe raise, Downward dog, Cobra, grass grabbers, shoulder stretch, Kendra Newman’s and SSHops.

Thang 1 – burpee webs with alternating merkins and plank jacks.  1-4 ratio with a burpee between each set.  Good way to get the heart rate up.

Thang 2 – Lt Dan Webb.  Squat jacks with lunges.  Again, 1-4 ratio.  I think some of the PAX scheduled for Saturday night’s ruck were wondering if their legs were going to work later that night.

Thang 3 – Jack Webbs, Merkins with shoulder taps.  Again, 1-4 ratio.

Thang 4 – Thabata stations.   1 minute on and 20 seconds off to change stations.  This is where the props came in.  Exercise ball, work out bands an Latex straps.  The stations were Curls, V-ups transferring the ball from feet to hands and back, Dry Docks, monster walk – side steps with latex band around needs, lateral raises with latex straps and overhead presses.  Between each station the pax had the option to hold plank or run short suicides from baseline to net and back.  One thing learned, latex bands don’t hold up that well after multiple sweaty uses.  Moral of the story amongst the mumble chatter in the PAX, don’t reuse latex rubbers.  Or something like that.

Thang 4 – Mary Webb.  Davincents and heel touches, 1-4 ratio.  With the last couple minutes we did some plank work to finalize the hour.

I must admit that the workout was tailored to the fact that I cannot run so I hope the workout was sufficient.   We circled up for announcements and intentions.  Thanks was given to the sky Q and we headed out for coffee, kid duties or other commitments for the day.  Hopefully, just a little bit better than when we started.  Until next time – SYITG

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