5/18 Back Blast – The Fog @ the Poshlands

I wasn’t expect much of a turnout with the AO Olympics going on but was completely surprised to see a full parking lot as I rolled into the Parklands. To my surprise, As I approached the Sprayground all I saw was a large group of women in workout clothes in front of the Gheens Foundation Lodge. It looks like we now have some Competition at the Parklands during our Saturday morning workout.

I was lucky enough to find LadyBird, Little Jerry, and Wapner so we could begin our workout.

PAX: Ladybird (R), Little Jerry (R), Wapner, Qypsy (Q)

Started with a Mosey around the parking lot and over to the egglawn.

20 SSH’s

20 Abe Vigoda’s

Kendra Newman’s

Thing 1: One lap around the egglawn stopping at every light post.

Alternating workout at each light post. 10 Hand release Merkins and 10 Squats.

With 42 light posts: 210 Hand Release Merkins and 210 Squats.

Thing 2: Mosey to the Bridge.

Using half the Bridge, starting at the bottom.


Lunge Walk to the Middle of the Bridge

1 Dip

Mosey back to the bottom

2 LBC’s

Lunge Walk

2 Dip’s

Mosey back

Repeated until we got to 10 of each exercise.

Once finished, we headed to the sprayground.

Jack Web

1 Big Boy – 4 Arm Raises

went to 10 Big Boy’s and 40 Arm Raises

Next Wall sit.

Each person doing a 10 count for three rounds.

20 Flutter Kick’s and it was time.


Name O Rama



LadyBird lead us in Prayer

It is always a blessing.



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