7/22/2019 Cox Park BO Backblast


Pax (11): Face, PED, Nino, Nice & Slow, Huggies, Fall Guy (R), Busch, OJ, Nugget, Pope, CI

Conditions: 74*. Tons of barking spiders.

Gearlander: Pink buff (to be like Nino), 20# vest, 100 # sand bag, 60 # sand bag, 50/30/30# kettlebells

We’ve hit Cox a few times. Zartan wrote the best back blast ever about it. But some of the guys today have never been. Logically they parked in a well-lit, clean area of the park. But that’s not how we roll, so Face and I drove down and told them to park in the dark area where all the drugs are dealt. I could feel their contempt.

So naturally after a disclaimer I moseyed us right back where I just made them leave. Sorry not sorry.


All 15x IC

Grass grabbers (good for hamstring)

SSHs (fine)

Plank jacks (ok)

Saturday nights (really nice for the hammy and good for recovery. Also likely not the first time Cox Park has seen that move)

Imperial walkers

Another short mosey to the boat ramp. PED asked if we’d be swimming. Had Face and I not been weighted, I may have launched. But instead we did 7s with Merkins and squats, mosey down, Bear crawl up.

Mosey back to the start spot but not before we passed the huge rocks. “Grab a rock,” I said, not realizing how ridiculous that was. I recovered and we did 20 step ups, each leg.

Mosey back for the Thang.

Three Team Weave.

Team 1 on one end of the lot doing 5 Burpees, 10 lunges, 15 imperial walkers amrap, while Team 2 carried all the weight (the two sandbags and three kettlebells) to Team 3 who was doing 5 Merkins, 10 plank jacks and 15 squats amrap until relieved. Once relieved, they relieved team 1 and so on and so on. I liked this because I found it challenging. Carries are a great workout and awesome for fundamental fitness. The MC was good too. Plus, one team had 3 guys while the others had 4. And those guys had a 65 year old badass who carried that 100# SB like it was his job. In fact, it was his job. He told Pope and me how he used to heft 90 roof rolls up a 40′ ladder over and over. Fall Guy is a beast.

After a goodly amount of this misery, we did a Steinl. Hey, you get what you pay for.

Then we finished with Pax-choice Mary until done. This is when the barking spiders were coming out. I heard something about this being the Carpenter 2. Then, a rusty red kindnapper van pulled in and parked next to us. Being that we don’t do drugs and had not lye to assist, we didn’t go for the EH and instead headed to COT.

Announcements included the August ruck featuring Nino and Huggies. Woofity. Also, we reminded guys about the October GORUCK Tough Custom. 4 spots left. Sign up now.

I took us out reminding guys that if they’re carrying something heavy, ask a brother for a hand taking some of that weight.

CI out to roll my hammy. May have pushed it a bit too far. Sorry not sorry.

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