1/6 Backblast- “Stranger Danger” Ruck



7 PAX met up at 5:30 to start a 10 mile ruck at the Posh. 4 of us were there on time…Meter Maid had technical difficulties and couldn’t get out of his house, so Airplane being a true HIM, swooped by and grabbed him on the way. In typical Momma’s Boy fashion, he came in hot…basically Tokyo Drifting through the parking lot. Once all the rucks were on, we headed out.

I had planned to do a simple out and back, but Retainer, who’s way more familiar with the Parklands, already knew a 10 mile route that took us through various sections of the park.

Lots of mumble chatter was had, most of it shouldn’t be posted. Lots of talk about the Star Course, non-compete clauses and a cooking method called reverse searing…look it up. You’re welcome.

Upon returning to the cars, we were greeted by a gentleman who must have been in the black market produce business, as he was clearly smuggling grapes in his VERY small running tights. He asked what we were doing and offered us coffee. We politely declined, explained Rucking and promoted the site in the hopes that maybe he’ll join us soon. We shall see.

PAX: Airplane, Gilligan, Momma’s Boy, Meter Maid, Retainer, Tool Time, Alexa (QIC)

It was a great way to start the day. Thanks to all for joining.

Alexa out.

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