The Rooster 1/8/19 Pre-Blast Bringing the Pain

I thought long and hard over the weekend about my weinke for my first Q of the New Year.  How about some leg throws?  That’s a great a idea.  I haven’t done those in quite a while.  How about meeting with our good buddy Jack Webb?  Sounds great.  Just need to add some coupon work, possibly some Dora, and the weinke is set.

Fast forward to this morning’s BO at the O, Q’d by PED.  First thing we do, divide up into groups of 3.  Sure enough, we’re doing leg throws.  Alright I’m sure we can come up with something to substitute.  A little bit after that, we circle up for Jack Webb.  PED has STOLEN half my weinke for the next day.

So as punishment, tomorrow will be tough and I will bring the pain.  The weather looks promising.  Only a slight chance of rain but temps in the 50s.


Plumb Bob



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