01/11/2019 Ruck Pre-Blast: Game Night (by @Malito and @PK)

Have you participated in a F3 ruck event before? If the answer is no, this is the first official one of 2019, and it is the perfect one to start.

Did you participate in a ruck event last year and wondering if/when the next one you should go participate? Duh, it is this one!

Not heard of Rucking yet, and unsure what shenanigans go on at an event? Reach out to your PAX in the gloom. The rucking events are getting HUGE, and there is a reason for it.

So come on out for the first monthly ruck event of 2019. Starting at 8pm on Friday January 11, 2019 starting at Veterans Park in Jeffersontown. Be there at 7:50 for a prompt start time.

This ruck will be Game Show themed. PK and Malito will be the game show hosts.


Requirements for the Ruck:

  • Ruck or backpack with weights. GoRuck recommends 20lbs for those under 150lbs and 30lbs for those over. Penalties will not be given if weights are not met. This is to be a fun night out, competing to get better. Winners do not cheat. Loaners are available!
  • Water (bladder or Nalgene)
  • Snack (lickies and/or chewies)
  • Reflective Bands for your rucks. Safety
  • Cell phone, and Wallet/Cash, in case you get scared and need to call a ride.
  • Headlamp
  • Extra batteries for your headlamp

If you want to rock the night like a boss, bring a change of clothes for the endex. The strange thing PK learned is that the PAX tend to be fashionistas (looking at you Zoo, and anyone who mentions gear in their backblast *cough – CI*).

game show #1

We do have a 3rd F component for our Ruck as well in line with the theme of our Game.  Malito has put some details regarding the charity that he has dedicated some time below.  It is called Love City (https://www.lovecityinc.org).  With many charities, time is more valued over money. Donations are not required, however they will be welcome.  As with all charities we will take both if given.

game show #2

Now a word about the Charity that we are sponsoring for Friday night’s event.

love city

Love City’s mission is to simply love our neighbors and community, creating a culture that empowers a movement of loving people as they are.

Love City is located in the West End and is an organization creating a massive culture shift in that area of town. Sean and Inga are the owners who sold their house and moved to Portland and the house they we’re looking at could only be purchased if they bought the old Mackin Community Center which was right next door. So they did. Thus began a safe haven for children to be able to have a place to go after that was not only safe, but educational. They teach coding classes (Tech Club), open gym, homework study hall, Mackinettes (open to all girls ranging in activities from dance to cheerleading to arts and crafts to photography, to gymnastics to sewing and cooking).

All of these youth and family programs are provided free of charge. The have a fish fry every Friday that helps to fund their cause. We’d ask that as men of F3 you give time or a donation in support of their efforts to be the change in this city and this great community in which we live. This will be our 3rd F component for the ruck Friday night. It would be great if F3 could raise at least $500 as a goal and some of our men go down and present them with a check and maybe help fry some fish one Friday. Follow the link to paypal below for you to donate and there is also a link below giving some more detail around this awesome couple in the west end being the change we need. Thanks for all of your support and your abilities to help the cause in any way.

Love City F3 Donation Fund

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