1/7 BigMo Heavy Backblast #KiloSub

Dr. Hess scrubbing in

Huggies scrubbing in for emergency surgery last night at the hospital.  YHC had to step in and fill his giant juggernaut Mac V1s.  Not an easy task, but 14 pax made it much easier.  #WheresWeedWacker

conditions:  PERFECTLY PERFECT 48 and cloudy

gear: adidas trio 17 pants, neon Walmart special long sleeve.


Kilo, Worm, McAfee, Amelia, PK, Tony Malito, BigBird, Launch Pad, Flounder, Carlose, Alexa, Jolly Rancher, Backdraft, meatball

25 SSH around the seal

basic stretches


what we did

5 min. SUPER SET

All on your own.  5 min of the 2 exercises then pax mosey 1 lap sprint 1 lap.  Come back to the next super set.


10 Lateral front raises

10 Curls


10 Goblet Squat

10 Shoulder Press



10 Kettle bell Swings

10 One arm row



10 Squat curl 

10 Hammer press 


10 4 count flutter kick

10 V up


Lots of announcements, check slack!!!!

Love to lead this workout!


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