The Agony Back Blast 8/23/18

Weather clear 56 degrees 96% humidity

PAX 16 – Huggies (Q), Momma’s Boy, Cochran, Pork Chop, Valdez, Airplane, Abacus, Forced Close, Wildflower, Matlock, Fergie, Boozer, Gilligan, Steerage, Alexa, Catfish

I wanted to create a workout bank to come back to in order for the PAX to track progress.  This was inspired by the Iron Pax Challenge.  This week focused mainly on upper body.  The plan is to revisit this workout in a few months and hopefully see improvement.


SSH (IC)  X 30

Imperial Walkers (IC) X 20

Grass Grabbers (IC) X 15

Abe Vigodas (IC) X 15

Early Mary

Flutter kicks (IC) X 15

Freddy Mercuries (IC) X 15


Mosey around the church for 0.25 miles then grab coupons

We took the coupons to the middle parking lot


The WO “Huggies1”

Goal was AMRAP for 30 minutes.

25 Coupon curls, 25 coupon skull crushers, 25 coupon bench presses (total 75 reps per round)

Run 0.25 miles around the church after each round

Music played to keep the PAX motivated

Results (total reps in 30 minutes per pax)

Catfish 750

Alexa 675

Cochran  675

Forced Closed 675

Valdez 675

Abacus  630

Wildflower 625

Fergie 600

Pork Chop  600

Steerage 600

Huggies 565

Matlock  526

Airplane 525

Boozer 525

Momma’s Boy 525

Gilligan 453


Count o rama, Name o rama

6th man Abacus

Announcements – Saturday BO at the County – Airplane Q.  Ruck training tomorrow 5:15am – Kilo Q

Intentions – updates on Abacus M and Vince.  Pope. Valdez family.

Bad accident yesterday on I-71.


Great Work Everybody!  I’ll save this back blast for next time.

Huggies out



















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