BB- The Agony at the County – 4/14/22 – Meter Maid Q

In looking at the forecast the night before, YHC decided to make it a run heavy workout. For those who don’t know, Gisele is doing lots of burpees this month for charity. At his Q earlier this week (and I didn’t know or attend), they ran a lap around the County and did 10 burpees.Continue reading “BB- The Agony at the County – 4/14/22 – Meter Maid Q”

BB- The Agony at the County – 12/30/21 – Meter Maid Q

When I woke up this morning, it felt like a Scooby Doo episode with the thick fog surrounding the County. I drove up and placed my board for the main thang under the portico. At 530, there were six pax present (DeVitto, Valdez, Octodad, BigBird, Dauber and Meter Maid [Q]) ready to start off theContinue reading “BB- The Agony at the County – 12/30/21 – Meter Maid Q”

BB- The Agony – 7/15/21 – Meter Maid 50th Q

It has been a while since I last Qed. Airplane was originally scheduled to Q but had out late yesterday that he had to be in Lexington early. I snatched up the Q from the Greater County Area text string last night around dinner time. In my preblast, I had warned there would be noContinue reading “BB- The Agony – 7/15/21 – Meter Maid 50th Q”

PB – The Agony 3/4/2021 – Meter Maid Q

PAX start your engines and bring you running shoes. This is a you vs you at my racing themed Q. Where will you finish? Below are pictures of some potential outcomes. Fanny Pack told me no participation trophies (sorry Pelican) and some other choice words that I can’t repeat. This could be awesome but itContinue reading “PB – The Agony 3/4/2021 – Meter Maid Q”

The Agony Back Blast 8/23/18

Weather clear 56 degrees 96% humidity PAX 16 – Huggies (Q), Momma’s Boy, Cochran, Pork Chop, Valdez, Airplane, Abacus, Forced Close, Wildflower, Matlock, Fergie, Boozer, Gilligan, Steerage, Alexa, Catfish I wanted to create a workout bank to come back to in order for the PAX to track progress.  This was inspired by the Iron PaxContinue reading “The Agony Back Blast 8/23/18”

Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth – 8/16 County Backblast

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax (10): Star Child, Launch Pad, Viking, Nino, Airplane, Steerage (LI), Big Bird, Zartan, Double Down, CI. Zeus, the Greek God of Thunder and Lightning, was there but did not workout. He’s a wimp. Conditions: 71*, steady rain, nearby sky show (which resulted in my plan being scrapped), greasy Gearlander: Hurley shortsContinue reading “Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth – 8/16 County Backblast”

Backblast 6/14 #Agony #The County

Well my VQ came and went but not without some bumps.  Epic fail when I left the shovel flag at home…on Flag Day no less…I’m surprised I wasn’t crucified for that one but the PAX were surprisingly gentle.  I was certainly nervous about giving a good workout and I was feeling juiced.   COP –Continue reading “Backblast 6/14 #Agony #The County”