BB- The Agony at the County – 4/14/22 – Meter Maid Q

In looking at the forecast the night before, YHC decided to make it a run heavy workout. For those who don’t know, Gisele is doing lots of burpees this month for charity. At his Q earlier this week (and I didn’t know or attend), they ran a lap around the County and did 10 burpees. It was a rinse and repeat.

There were five PAX who survived the storm strong storms the night before and made it out. They included Gisele (who I joked was the sponsor of the workout since he provided the inspiration for the burpees), Timeshare, Brown Water, Air Raid (R) and Meter Maid (Q). Provided a disclaimer at the start. YHC didn’t warn of black ice (Pelican’s favorite), but did add to watch for debris in the road. Had we been at Abyss, YHC would have wanted about a dog that is biting pax but I digress.

We took off around the Pewee Valley Loop and stopped along the way multiple times for 10 burpees and 20 of another exercise such as copperhead squats or SSH IC. Along the way we went over 3 miles and completed 70 burpees as well (make sure to thank our burpee sponsor -Gisele).

There wasn’t much time left for Mary but we did a few stretches before time was called.

Concluded with NOR, COR, intentions and ended with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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