Back-Blast 4-15-2022 The Chopper @ Vets

Vets is special. Driving in as you turn the corner to go down and up the last hill on Taylorsville Road you can see the Vets flags and monument lit up…it is just an awesome view and can’t help but get pumped up to see my Vets boys. It was a great group of 7…Kilo, Lady Bird (R), Diablo, Bombay, Soups, Lockbox, and me. Worm was not there and I learned that no one at Vets reads pre-blasts but depends on Worm to tell them whether to bring a coupon or not. Interesting. Diablo and Kilo went to their cars to grab a bunch of sandbags and rucks so all was well. The workout was pretty good…we ran around the grounds some but kept ourselves anchored to the seal and completed all reps together. Shout out to Soups (or at least the portion of Soups that still remains)…dude has been putting in work and it shows. Awesome to see brother!

Here is what we did…

After disclaimer, we took a lap around the monuments and circled around the seal for COP – SSH, grass grabbers, good mornings (Kilo took a bathroom break), some runners stretching. The seal was the hub for the main thang so we jumped right into it. At the seal we did 20 curls, 15 bent over rows, 10 skull crushers, and 5 manmakers. We then ran over to the playground for declining reps of pull ups (10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2) on the ropes with flutter kicks mixed in. Returned to the seal for repeat of the coupon reps, then a longer run over to the big parking lot for declining reps of merkins alternating with hammers. Back to the seal…coupon reps…longer run down to the concession stand for two 60-second wall sits and some BBSUs. Back to the seal for a little Mary and COT.

Have a fantastic Easter Weekend boys.

  • Dauber

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