BB- The Agony – 7/15/21 – Meter Maid 50th Q

It has been a while since I last Qed. Airplane was originally scheduled to Q but had out late yesterday that he had to be in Lexington early. I snatched up the Q from the Greater County Area text string last night around dinner time. In my preblast, I had warned there would be no pizza or pizza boxes at the workout. I guess McAfee didn’t read the preblast.

I looked at the weather gauge before I left this morning to drive to the County and it was 92% humidity. Here is the 14 PAX who participated: DeVitto, Jerry Maguire (R), Crockpot, Octodad, Orville (FNG) (R), Catfish, Double Down (R), McAfee, Little Jerry (R), Cratchit, Gisele, Jolly Rancher, Virginia Slim, and Meter Maid (Q).

Upon arriving at the County, I realized I would have to modify my weinke as the portico had lots of equipment for the picnic. The PAX gathered around including an FNG from Little Jerry. He has been rehabbing and met someone at a gym while using an elliptical. Little Jerry could tell he was a runner by his Hoka shoes. The rest is history.

I provided a disclaimer and we quickly moseyed around campus. It was originally supposed to be a short lap but I talked to Catfish and missed the turn and did the full 1/2 mile county loop before circling up for COP. We did 20 SSH IC, 10 Grassgrabbers IC, and then downward dog. I didn’t do strict DD which I know would have surprised Pelican, Backflop and Dauber. Concluded with Kendra Newman’s and Michael Phelps OYO.

We came back to starting point for me to explain the board that was the main thang.

Everything was in 50s in honor of my 50th Q.

I didn’t bring any music and there wasn’t much chatter so Jerry decided to play some of his music. It sounded like he had some commercials in his. I know Dauber would have been proud.

For the workout, Catfish didn’t miss a beat and with perfect form (as did Crockpot) still ran circles around most of us, myself included.

With about 5 minutes left, we stopped for some Mary. We did 20 gas pumps IC (a Jolly favorite), 20 flutter kicks (4 count IC), and a round of elevators. You could hear the grunts when a few pax yelled out to hold 1st floor. For the last minute, we did boxer sit-ups OYO.

We gathered around the flag for COR and NOR. We had the FNG from Little Jerry who was from Dayton and flew drones. We welcomed Orville (R). Hope to see out again!

For announcements, we mentioned the St Aloys picnic on Saturday. If you can help, reach out to BigBird. Convergence is 7/24 7am at the Big Four Bridge. There will be a preRuck led by Handbook. The regular AOs will still be open on 7/24.

There were many intentions provided including continued prayers for Husky and his family. I had challenged others to do something that challenges themselves (Qing or an event like the mini or tough mudder). We raised up the intentions and ended with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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