PB – The Agony 3/4/2021 – Meter Maid Q

PAX start your engines and bring you running shoes. This is a you vs you at my racing themed Q. Where will you finish? Below are pictures of some potential outcomes. Fanny Pack told me no participation trophies (sorry Pelican) and some other choice words that I can’t repeat. This could be awesome but itContinue reading “PB – The Agony 3/4/2021 – Meter Maid Q”

Speed for Need Training Pre-Blast (2/9/19 Lexington, KY)

Who:   Louisville PAX interested in Speed for Need (http://www.speedforneed.org) “We push Track Commanders (riders with a special need) in customized racing wheelchairs to help them participate in and complete fitness events such as 5Ks, 10Ks, or marathons – experiences that they would not be able to have on their own.” What: Chariot Guide TrainingContinue reading “Speed for Need Training Pre-Blast (2/9/19 Lexington, KY)”