BackBlast -Buschhh @ The Blender: To Grandma’s House

Ok you HL’n SOBs.. my Post to Q ratio is now: 89:2.5. Talk to me in 5 more months!

14 HIMs joined me and J.Webb Sr on a mosey to Grandma’s House…Over the Hill and through the woods…down the field etc etc

Conditions: Overcast, 76 degrees.

GearLander: Derby Mini Marathon Kilo colored running shirt. Some shorts that I have no idea of the in-seam, but they make my ass look great. Some shoes with some shoe laces. (Where have we come to where we have to spell out what we wore) Love you Zoo!!!

Pax arrived to see coupons on cones with caution tape roping off our meeting spot! Instantly everyone asks, Buschhh what are you up to today?! Welp, that’s not me… Let’s mosey. But wait?! Where’s Zoo? Maybe he’s on Tiger time?! But Where’s Tiger? Quimby, DiGiorno? Not even the site Q-Glen Ross?….OJ, Tureen – my pledge class? CI told me he would come to puke with me?

That’s all good…I had my guys! (14) Zima, Gepetto, BackDraft, Curly, OldBay, Mouth, Cowbell, Nox.Jackson, Sump Pump, Left Eye, Fridge. Even Dynamite made it to the Mutt for me!

And we’re off: Mosey around HT to find Zoo pre-stretching for some EC.


Slow!!! Grass Grabbers; Kendra Newman’s – Wait Where is Country Boy?! My New addition: The Big Easy – Ernie Els golf swing. Lower back stretching-leg over leg. And I’m bored, let’s go Run to playground.

Thang 1:

I prepped the Pax with instructions:

The Jack Webb Mosey – 1 pull Up; 4 Merkins

To the football field – “On the Line!” – 100yard Dash to goal posts.

Jack Webb 1 Big Boy; 4 LBCs

We tried to lunge walk to Hill, but quickly realized I underestimated the distance. Mosey to the bottom of Hill.

Jack Webb: 1 Boyo; 4 SSH. Sprint up the Hill back to goal Posts.

Jack Webb: 2 Big Boys; 8 LBCs

“ON THE LINE”- 100yd Dash to playground. 2 pull ups; 8 Merkins

Rinse and Repeat. (6 rounds)


21 Pulls UPS, 84 Merkins, 45 Big Boy Sit ups, 180 LBCs, 21 Burpees, 84 SSH.

BEST PART OF THE W/O: I had told the Pax we were done with Sprints. we finished what I had planned to be our last Jack Web Sit up.. I was gassed. But here we were standing with 100yds in front of us. I asked the crew “who’s got one more”. Believe it or not the first person I hear say Aye – MOUTH! Not one Pax said “No”. I would have been content to mosey back for a little Mary, but the group continues to push me! Pax Sprinted 100yards Total of 8x. Gepetto and Back Draft won by a commanding lead.

Mosey back to parking lot for Last thang- Waterfall Rosilitas. 1-16…16-1. And we’re spent.

We circled up. Announced HDHH this afternoon and June Ruck event. CowBell pulled the 6. He’s a drummer. Thanked the guys for joining. Especially Dynamite for coming out after randomly meeting him at a party over the weekend.

As always thanks for the Pushhh.


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