Back-Blast Flounder VQ @ “The Tank” May 30, 2018. 5:30-6:15AM.

VQ: Flounder 

Pax: 19, Flounder, FNG(Dr. Short Bus), Bob Ross(HL), Starchild, Wham!, Kilo, Rhythm, Vincent(Respect), Aerobie(respect), PK, Peekaboo, Crash, Snow-day, Cutlass, Weedwacker,  Piggy, Eastwood, Ratchet, Tony Malito

Weather 74 degrees 80% humidity

Q Thought being at Veterans Park we should start with some military type workouts. 

Started with static stretches since we would be jumping straight into modified APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test). Hamstring stretch, calf stretch, chest stretch, upper back stretch, Showed Pax timed count for static stretch, can also be used to hold exercise position you’ll see, hint, hint! 

Thang 1– APFT modified

Split pax into 2 HIM teams. 

Exercise 1

Pax 1- Merkins AMRAP for 2:00 Minutes, only perfect form counts and Downward Dog only approved rest position, after knees touch ground or hand comes off ground DQ but continue to push on knees to failure.

Pax 2- Count for Pax 1, ensure perfect form and motivate. 


Exercise 2

Pax 1- Partner Assisted BB Sit-ups AMRAP 2:00 Minutes. Hands behind the head and must continue effort to sit up, DQ when movement stops. 

Pax 2- Hold partners feet and count complete reps, motivate. 

Exercise 3

Interval run- 2:00 minutes jog, :30 seconds full sprint. X4

Thang 2– Brick by Brick Shuttle Run (BBBS)

BBBS – Brick by Brick Shuttle Run (Burpee Big Boy Sit-ups) PAX number off 1s&2s and form two lines 25 yards apart. First PAX from Group 1 does the shuttle run by picking up a brick at the other groups line, returns brick to his line, then retrieves the second brick, then returns brick to his starting spot. Remaining PAX are meanwhile in plank position or squat hold awaiting their turn and rotate between the two positions. Groups 1&2 alternate. After PAX completes the shuttle run, he proceeds to perform: R1: 15 Burpees, then falls in line in either plank or crab hold R2: 15 BBs, falls in line R3: 10 Burpees, fall in line R4: 10 BBs, fall in line R5: 5 Burpees, fall in line R6: 5 BBs, fall in line. 

HIMs completed with time to spare, More shuttle runs!!!!

2 lines alternate, waiting group hold plank or squat- Shuttle run and complete with coupon:

30 arm curls 

30 2 count flutter kicks 

20 coupon swings 

20 overhead press


Announcements: F3Louisville Ruck June 22 8pm-11pm Capture the Flag

GoRuck Heavy July 20, Light July 21 in Louisville

GoRuck Active Shooter and Personal Security Training July 14-15

Veteran Honored: SSG Joseph M Adams, Louisville, 2 Tours Iraq. 

Prayers for all F3 Pax that they may enjoy every moment they are granted with loved ones. 

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