If Mr Hefner had a party everyday at the Playboy Mansion it wouldn’t be as special as having 4 parties a year. If My Econ 301 class taught me anything its that you can control demand with supply. Less supply… Higher the demand. Thus, my Q to Post ratio. Long story short a Q siting from YHC is as rare as the prime rib buffet offerings at PTs. Hope you guys like darts. SYITG

Buschhhhh out

One thought on “PreBlast 8.23.18 Annivers-Q. Buschhhhh @Mutt -Extender. for a little game of Cricket.

  1. When I worked downtown I went with a few coworkers to PT’s for the 0.99 prime rib buffet one Friday. We now forever call it p***y and prime rib.


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