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Gearlander Red F3 Louisville shirt, Adidas light 9 in shorts, mudgear socks and blue Mizuno Wave Riders. And no tights today. A rare occurrence.

This whole Q came from 2 things. First, at Convergence, Buschhhh asked why I wasnt at the EC run. I replied that I had done the EC ruck, and they did t want me to run anyway because I am slow. He said you can’t get faster if you don’t run. While it may not been his intention, I took that as a challenge. The second came from an article about the highest calorie burning exercises. Number 2 on the list was hill or stair sprints. And as much as I dont want to run, I need to run. And here we go.

I pulled up to the O gloom hopeful of at least 9. Well we almost doubled that. Including a few I hadn’t seen in a while. Spinal Tap, Kilo, and Who Dey to name a few. I disclaimed my lack of certification, and gave clearance to all to adjust the movement as needed.

We took a mosey over to the Rock Creel park g lot for COP

Abe Vigodas IC


Kendra Newmans

At this point I saw another I hadn’t seen in a while, Gillespie. Good to have him back in the fold.

Thang 1

Pulling from an old Star Child WO, we split into 3 groups

Group 1 did AMRAP Derkins in the front lot

Group 2 did dips in the back portico

Group 3 ran from fro t to back to relieve group 2

Then group 2 ran up to group 1 to relieve them

We did this 2 times through and changed to incline merkins and step ups for the 2nd round. Buschhhh led his group most of the way until Kilo called a race u beknowest to Buschhhh. We gathered up after a 10 count for a reverse Indian Run. This is where the first person does an exercise until passed by the 6 and then new leader begins the exercise. We split into 2 groups for this jaunt to the cul de sac.

Thang 2

Once at the culde sac we split into 4 groups of 4, ideally with a group that runs as fast as you. Group 1 would Sprint to the top of the hill

Group 2 does leg throw downs until Group o e reached the top

Group 3 plays Ace to group 2s Gary

Group 4 merkins until relieved by group 1

Tinse and repeat. YHC lost count, but I think we did 7 or 8 sprints. This was a rough one. I can tell you the merlot was bubbling.

We headed to the tennis court at about 6 am for some Mary.

Call your own Mary. We did LBCs, V ups, Hollow Bodies, Gas Pumps, and hotel (if that’s what it’s called). At this point YHC lined everyone up on the side of court one for some sprints.

Sprint to the end of court one, 50% back

Sprint to the end of court 2, 50% back

Sprint to the end of court 3, 50% back

Sprint to the end of all courts and pause

Lunge walk back, if you stop it’s 2 burpees.

That was motivation enough and all made it without stopping.

Mosey to the flag and we were done.


Welcome Peroni! Good to have him in the group. Intentions were said for Vince and Davis (Noxeema son). Silent intentions. Announcements made for Worms scramble for Vincestrong.

Today was really hard for me. Nothing scares me more in a Q than running. And I am very aware that it’s obvious (Ive gotten warnings about heavy running from Multiple Qs). We don’t get better without doing what we are bad at. And we don’t get better without being challenged. I appreciate Busch’s statement. He called me out. And I am here to accept it.

One thought on “Can’t get faster without running

  1. Right on nugget! I’ve accepted comments as a challenge even when that wasn’t the intention. Good on you for getting out of the comfort zone. Nice work. Running isn’t my forte either.


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