Awards Banquet Pre-Blast 1.25.19 @ Saints Bar. Doors open at 7:30p

“Hey Buschhhh, you know a bar that will host a bunch of us morons and give us a good deal on beer?” Me: “uh yeah….”

T-Claps (ps I don’t know what t-claps are) to Huggies for really driving the Awards Ball. I’m just the beer b*^#ch. I think there’s also a bunch of others behind the scenes as well working diligently on the production, camera angles, teleprompters, juggling the presenters and music acts. As we all know it takes a village.

Nonetheless I’m glad we are all getting together to celebrate what we have built…..aaaannnnddd so I can check out everyone else’s M. I’ve even told my wife we are going to a swingers party, so don’t be offended if we stare and whisper.

A couple House Keeping items: The big dance is at Saints Sky Bar tomorrow. If you don’t know where this is, get out of your Far East End comfort zone and plug 131 Breckingridge Ln into your Tom Tom (are those still around?!). -Says the guy that only goes to the Mutt and O…. Definitely no Nomad nominations for yours truly!

For those who have prepaid via the link: you will check in at the top of the stairs and receive your two drink tickets as well as any purchased raffle tickets.

If you didn’t prepay, you can still come! You will check in upstairs and pay myself @Kilo or @Zartan. $12/person- Cash Please. You will also have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for $5 each. I hear we are raising money for @Gepetto’s Bird House collection. Ooooorrrr the Boys and Girls Club.

Questions of Dress code?!? Just dress to impress you know who… You’re my boy @zoo

There will be light apps and The drink tickets are good for Only the beer I sell, wine or if your @face a fancy booze drank. Anyone drinking Stella – (cough) @mouth or any Dilly Dilly BS will have to answer to @diablo. Who I hear is getting jacked at @Worms Heavy Weights Summer Camp! Or maybe I read that back blast wrong! Annnywayyy, If you’re like me and will drink your tickets up in 5 minutes… either steal them from @Tiger or just go to bar and start a tab on the Underhills.

Moving on: Doors open at 7:30. Around 8:00ish the show will start with what I’m sure will be some super interesting presentations/awards that are sure to keep the M’s engaged. We’ve got results in from some Monkey @Tron surveyed at the Louisville Zoo, that’s sure to tell us who has the best back farts and worst morning breath in the F3 land! If you’re nominated and can’t make it, please record an acceptance speech and send over to no one! Must be present to win! I just made that up.. ask Huggies if true!

After @GlenRoss gets snubbed worse than Lady GaGa at the Oscars and we officially knight Sir Captain Insomnia as our new Nathan (whatever that means)…. we will turnt the night up with belly shots and two-steppin.

I just pray this doesn’t end up like the 1995 Source Awards 2Pac v Biggie… Posh vs Mutt… Red Roof v Airplane….


So here’s to sharing a night with each and maybe sharing each other at the end of the night… wait… disclaimer: what I say is only a suggestion.

Any questions ask our true leaders! I’m just the beer b$@&ch.

I love you all!

Buschhhhh Out.

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